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lighting equipment and electric lamps.

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
Notice of prior information: lighting equipment and lights this market survey as a telephone call to the candidate (s)
Lighting equipment suppliers who submit qualification documents in order to obtain a list of qualified manufacturers/suppliers of qualified products.
This market survey is not a contract.
In the first phase, the supplier will be eligible in the second phase of the product.
In the third stage, qualified manufacturers/suppliers are invited to provide their qualified products.
These prices will be used to develop specific ESCO projects (s).
The best Cost of fixture (with lamps)
The minimum cost is achieved, which will be specified in the Infrax ESCO re-lighting specification.
In the fourth stage, a contract will be signed with the installer provided by hasto in the market to provide the specified accessories (including lamp)
This is the best solution according to market research.
Bidding Documents: t1989766.
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