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let a little light into your world with this moving story about charles barkley\'s friend

by:Marslite     2019-10-14
I sat at my desk on Saturday, crying out of control.
You might notice a lot of posts about former NBA star Charles Barkley and his friend Lin Wang.
I\'m here to tell you that you should listen to all of these that have not been asked --
Give you advice, read the story.
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Old\'s letter about providing size shoes for girlsIt at Boston Public Radio WBUR.
Wang\'s daughter, Shirley, sat down and described her father\'s unusual relationship with Barkley, and appeared on the only sports show on the TV station broadcast on Friday. (
It has two forms of audio and text. )
I don\'t want to ruin it all.
After all, this is the story Shirley is going to tell.
But here\'s a setup: a few years ago, when both of them were doing business alone in Sacramento, Buckley was randomly connected with senior Wang.
They have been in touch since then.
Shirley\'s touching account records the seemingly mismatched friendship between the two.
The purity of their relationship is reflected in the words and deeds of her father and Barkley himself. she introduced her father as a \"cat sand scientist \".
Their love for each other is obvious.
Even if you know something about the direction of the story, I encourage you to read the whole thing.
It is by no means just an unlikely friendship, and it is also a refreshing reminder for these difficult times that the connection with strangers is not always worrying and terrible.
The Internet obviously agrees.
My father made a slide show about this friendship. A slideshow! ! @OnlyAGameNPR —Shirley Wang ? (@shirleyshirlw)
The lesson of this story for me in December 15, 2018 is that we have enough courage to be ourselves. Mr.
Lin didn\'t pretend he wasn\'t a fan, nor did he perform badly.
He and Barkley are exactly the same person in Muscatine.
Inspiring authenticity. —ana marie cox (@anamariecox)
December 15, 2018 Omg. This.
No matter basketball or Barkley.
Read and remember our common humanity. —Neal Katyal (@neal_katyal)
Oh my day, December 15, 2018, this is the most beautiful story about friendship, it made me cry this morning.
Starring Charles Barkley and the author\'s father. —
Soleda O\'Brien (@soledadobrien)
I will never forget about it in December 15, 2018, and I will never forget that it led to this kind of communication between my wife and I.
\"Ah, what made you cry now?
\"The Story of Charles Barkley\"Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers)
The story of December 15, 2018 is amazing!
This really represents the best side of America. —John Kasich (@JohnKasich)
A video of Charles Barkley speaking at King Lin\'s funeral on December 15, 2018.
Author: Amazing Stories and powerful works written by pic. twitter. com/byCdYfAK7q—
Michael Blevins (@mikeblevins)
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