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lenny kravitz triumphs at crowd-pleasing molson amphitheatre show

by:Marslite     2019-09-20
Lenny Kravitz let it all hang out -- say music --
At the Canadian Amphitheater in Molson on Wednesday night.
Close \"Penisgate\" directly-as Kravitz himself created after the recent underwear-free pants fork/crotch display
European concert-51-year-
The old retro rock singer is covered up on this side of the Atlantic Ocean (
Wearing a black leather jacket, ripped jeans, sunglasses, a beard)
In a serious jam. heavy mood.
He and his 10-
Band-Special Mention of drummer Cindy Blackman and bassist Gail Anne Dorsey as well as the female rhythm section of the \"left hand\" of lead guitarist and Kravitz, craig Ross only sang 11 songs in two hours.
\"You\'re not in a hurry, are you?
Kravitz asked after a monster marathon.
\"Thank you for letting us play freely.
At the same time, about 6,500 fans were loud, enthusiastic, and drunk-I \'ve never seen so many underperforming middle-aged women in one show, including women who repeatedly hit me in the aisle.
The stage itself is very low.
Scaffolding technology dominates the space of the three main lighting stands.
\"Toronto, it\'s too long,\" Kravitz said . \" In the groundbreaking song Let Love Rule, he crossed the crowd as usual and stopped just to get up in his seat, take a break and get free from being surrounded.
The rock singer, who is also an actor, photographer and designer, is touring to support his latest studio album Strut, so he kicked off the night with his new song, Frankenstein, but with American women, on the cover of his Canadian band \"Guess Who\'s hot\", he quickly restored his old tunes.
He joked that although the song was actually a \"reverse
War song for Canadian groups.
\"They will catch up,\" he added . \"
Other highlights include, before the end, it won\'t end, believe, I belong to you, the above rules to make love, fly away, the performance is over the crowd --
Are you going my way?
After running through the Toronto crowd, Kravitz said that he was impressed with \"how diverse the city is\", although there are problems in every place and it is not perfect, \"you do it so gracefully.
Kravitz is also a generous leader of the band, the trumpet player luduochi Lewis (
One of three horn players)
Stealing the show in the dance \"Till Dawn\", Ross performed an impressive guitar solo on the ballad sister, while Blackman also got one in the spotlight in \"Running Forever\"—
Set List: Frankenstein American woman does not end until it is over, until dawn sisters believe that I always belong to you and keep love away from you regularly: Will you go my way-
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Stevenson @ sunmedia.
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