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lego builders of all ages unite at convention in richmond

by:Marslite     2019-10-21
When you imagine a Lego convention, your brain may imagine a hall filled with children addicted to the innate play instinct.
Probably one-third correct. The other two-
People in their thirties are adults.
Over the weekend, thousands of Lego enthusiasts from around the world gathered at the Lego construction company, who are mature in skills and age, and many spent decades practicing the art of architecture.
To some extent, builder Christina Loch is new to the Lego world.
Just a few years ago, after she won the fight against cancer, she reignited her passion for architecture.
\"I use it as art therapy,\" Loch said on Sunday . \".
The complex, multi-disciplinary works presented by Loch at the show are modern and minimalist --
She calls it the Museum of Fashion Art textiles, or the Museum of themed art for short.
She said the work blends her interest in architecture, interior design and textiles.
The interior pattern art is a miniature replica of a commercial flatbed fabric printer running a manual
Colored rice paper.
Other parts of the museum are on display by hand.
Clothing and banners in painted fabrics.
The museum\'s textile studio and program Department exhibit replicas of ancient Greek classics
A loom with weight, a silk loom and a drop loom.
The schedule of the show released outside the Museum tells visitors what to expect inside.
On Monday, we showed the spinning line using the falling spindles.
Wednesday is a course on spinning from silk worms.
Other works built by Loch\'s adult Lego fans and exhibited in brickcan include complex castles, stylish fighter jets, city views and spaceships, and even a full-fledged amusement park, there are mobile Trojans and thrilling rides, Ferris wheels and roller coasters.
Jason von Innerebner built an impressive building, which he called the IMAX theater, a cinema with a balcony, big stairs, theater lighting and architecturein pre-
A movie animation wheel that presents a moving picture.
There\'s a scrolling caption in front of it that says \"Star Wars\" Brix stars.
Mobile Theater is 30-
40,000, he said.
Lewald is one of the organizers of the conference.
He became an avid builder around the age of 10, and before he entered the period when builders called them \"the dark ages\", he made many creations
Lego is hidden in the closet, passed on to the children, or sold in the garage, not in the stage of being used.
Ward\'s Dark Age lasted for 25 years.
He is now 58 years old, and half of his owners are estimated to be
Millions of bricks, and nicknamed Wizards for his architectural skills.
\"It\'s really interesting to challenge yourself to see what you can come up with and feedback ideas to each other, and that\'s what we\'re doing here.
\"We are already brainstorming about what will happen next year,\" he said . \".
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