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led lighting market 2016 key trends, devleopment and ...

by:Marslite     2019-12-19
Fierce competition in the global LED lighting market.Some of the key companies that dominate the global market include Philips Electronics.V.Osram optoelectronic, Corey, Zumtobel AG, Toshiba, Digital LumensCooper Industries and General Electric lighting.Zion Research has released a market for LED lighting called \"residential, architectural and outdoor applications: Global Industry Outlook, comprehensive analysis and forecasting, 2014-According to the report, the global market value of LED lighting is about $2020.It is $0 in 2014 and is expected to reach about $42.Between 5 billion and 2020, growth increased at a compound rate of approximately 13% per cent between 2015 and 2020.LED lights are an array of LEDs that provide long-lasting, economical, and eco-friendly lighting.LEDs are a semiconductor device that produces light through a process called \"Electric Light.LED lighting products have high electrical efficiency, high reliability and longer service life.This will save energy, reduce maintenance costs and environmental sustainability.In addition, the LED light has uniform and bright light, high efficiency and durability.LED lights save up to 80% of energy costs.Compared with the traditional technology, LED lighting technology is more environmental protection.Friendly because it will not emit harmful gases like carbon dioxideBrowse the complete \\ \"LED lighting market for residential, architectural and outdoor applications: Global Industry Outlook, comprehensive analysis and forecast 2014-2020 \\ \"the report of the LED market is mainly due to increased demand for LED lights with high cost-effective and long life span.Many governments around the world have imposed strict regulations on the production, import and sale of incandescent lamps.In addition, strong demand from countries such as China, Japan and South Korea is expected to show the LED lighting market growing fastest during the forecast period.Strict environmental regulations in Europe and North America remain the main market drivers for the LED lighting market.The development of urbanization, the increase in LED production and growing concerns about costs and carbon dioxide emissions have driven the growth of this market.However, LED light manufacturers are expected to face major challenges such as high initial investment and low end-user awareness of the benefits of LED lights.Residential, building and outdoor lighting are key application markets in the LED lighting market.In 2014, residential lighting dominated the global LED lighting market in all applications.In 2014, residential applications accounted for more than 40% of the global LED market.Architecture is another important way out for the LED lighting market, followed by outdoor applications.The building is the second largest application market for LED lighting in 2014, and is expected to show rapid growth due to the price efficacy and luminous efficiency of white light.In 2014, the global LED market dominated by Europe accounted for more than 30% of total demand.Strong demand for LED lights in Germany, France and the UK is expected to drive growth in the region\'s LED light industry.In addition, due to government initiatives and rapid urbanization in the region, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to be a major contributor to the growth of the LED lighting market.China, Japan, South Korea and India will be the main growth markets for LED lights in the region.
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