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lags using smuggled iphones to boast about cushy jail life with instagram posts showing them partying and smoking behind bars

by:Marslite     2019-08-30
Arrogant laggards often post live videos on social media with smuggled iPhones to friends outside.
Photos taken from different prisons show prisoners smoking and gathering in prison to laugh at the prison system.
Shocking videos posted on Instagram and Facebook show that in Surrey, prisoners have reached their peak in a relaxed lifestyle.
In a video, when the disco lights were shining in the background, a group of lazy men wearing baseball caps, headscarves and sunglasses jumped in their cells. The 30-
The second clip starts with a prisoner smoking recklessly and then walks around to show other lagging rap and jumping up and down.
Another delay in wearing a red hat is also smoking a cigarette.
When a bearded prisoner threw his hand in the air
In another video taken in the same prison, a tattoo prisoner rap to the camera while another prisoner appears to have thrown a gang sign in front of the camera.
Prisoners of HMP Ford in West Sussex, HMP Guys in Dorset and HMP Aylesbury in buckin County often post live videos to their friends.
A photo of HMP Aylesbury shows 12 inmates posing in the prison yard.
Inside the HMP Bullingdon in aincott, Oxfordshire, Instagram accounts are also active, and footage of HMP Winchester fights in Hampshire is said to have been recorded on their phones.
A person familiar with the matter said he believed the phones had been thrown on the walls of the prison, which had been on them for some time in the prison.
In a photo, a group of roommates pose outside, some of which include labels behind bars4 real, referring to being in jail.
A video posted on Instagram shows a prisoner wearing a dressing gown singing to the camera while playing music and smoking.
Instagram account seems to have been closed after being active two days ago.
A Prison Service spokesperson said: \"This behavior is unacceptable and we are working to remove this content from social media.
\"We are stepping up measures to find and block cell phones in prison, and people who find them may face additional jail time.
In January, we found that the Latinos laughed at the prison system by sending \"illegal\" snapshots of themselves enjoying Christmas to the website \"life is fun.
In another case, a prisoner boasted about his relaxed life in prison because he posted his own photos in the cell next door.
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