kool and the gang: still fresh after four decades

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
In an era of flashing disco lights and shiny spandex, Kool and the gang are icons of funky party music, their hits include \"getting on the bus,\" \"celebrating,\" and \"jungle Buji\" and \"Lady\'s Night\" every night on the dance floor around the world \".
CNNGo spoke on behalf of the band before its debut at this year\'s Mosaic Music Festival with its original member, Robert \"kul\" Bell, from now until March 21.
Kool and gang of ActionCNNGo: Hey guys, do you guys feel \"fresh\" about the show in Singapore?
Yes, we are very excited about coming to Singapore.
Received thereKool & the Gang at the concert on March 20.
Coastal Arts Center concertkoolandthegang.
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