katy perry chases pink’s crown as australia’s favourite pop star as prismatic tour opens

by:Marslite     2019-09-06
Hear her roar . . .
Katy Perry performed at Perth Stadium on November 7.
Image: Paul Kane/Getty imagesssource: Getty ImagesPRISMATIC may be Australia\'s biggest pop tour this year, but Katie Perry plans to treat it as a working holiday.
\"Take Me to Your waterfall,\" she joked backstage before Perth\'s opening night.
The California girl, who claims to be a \"compound amine Demon\", plans to have enough Beach and travel time between 23 concerts in the next six weeks.
\"I feel like I\'m a resident here,\" she said . \".
Residence begins. . .
Katie Perry will hold 23 concerts in Australia on her current tour.
Picture: Paul Kane/Getty Image resource: Getty image \"the best thing is that I am a sunny child and I have two summers a year and it feels greedy.
\"I bought a lot of small cropped tops and things like the Duke of Daisy and the dress.
\"Perry will not be modeling for her latest fashion acquisition during her break.
As she has shown in her first days in Australia, when she is not wearing fluorine and fireworks on stage, 30-year-
Old songs wear uniforms.
Perry hopes that the black sportswear will look boring due to the inevitable pap pack, as she will leave a shadow on the stage during the tour.
\"I was very excited when someone visited,\" she said . \".
\"I have decided this is my little Herman life and I will wear the same clothes every day because it is boring.
They were for me when I was on vacation, and I didn\'t want to show it, which is very obvious. “It’s my under-the-
The radar looks boring so I can have a little bit of life.
\"You must have a creative life.
Ride a bike.
The prism exploded. . .
Katie Perry says she only keeps the color on stage.
Picture: Paul Kane/Getty Images: Getty Images is riding a bicycle to prepare her for a high-energy bike
The concert for an hour, let her go on a tour.
\"We ride bikes everywhere and even go to the venue by bike.
\"It inspired a group of crew members, and there were about 20 bikes on this tour,\" she said . \".
\"It was a very green trip.
No, I took this back, considering the size of our stage.
\"Prism production is a serious eye candy with a pyramid themed stage and a dazzling lighting design that includes a 3D moment for viewers to enjoy wearing glasses at the venue.
The show is carefully choreographed, the costumes are clever, the pace is fast, from the still irresistible I kissed a girl to the electronic city pop music of Dark Horse, a series of enviable hits.
Katie brought a fierce scene. . .
Her concert was a wonderful performance.
Source: The Australian news group is really one of the biggest hits when you think she\'s just released 12 singles from her last two albums, Prism and girls\' dreams.
The Sydney concert on December 12 and 13 will be filmed for future concert films.
With PRISM albums selling 280,000 in Australia and more than four times as much platinum as 300,000, Perry admits she is pursuing the level of success pink enjoys here.
\"I\'m dying for a pink life here,\" she said . \".
\"All the shows will be sold out and only a few tickets are left, which is so exciting.
\"I was told that it was my biggest audience, per capita.
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