karaoke room with stage and mirror ball is a hit with visitors

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
Ultimate Party room Source: This home in Dural is provided, there is no need to sing in the shower, the hotel has its own karaoke room.
This ultimate party space has a stage with colorful disco lights flashing, projection screens and even disco balls.
It is located in the vast Six
Bedroom House provides some sound insulation for the song.
MORE: The cheapest \"home\" in the water country to go out coach Manley with a power cave ready to fly to the nest Christmas gift early to Bal \"I was surprised when I first went there --
Agent Dean Venables of 21st Century said: \"I have not seen a property with karaoke rooms before and I have been working in this area for 20 yearsDural.
Front of the house at the San Remo local resource: supply \"we just had our first public inspection, which was a surprise for buyers --
Their response was very positive because they could see it as a space for youth gatherings.
\"The 2ha Manor at 2 San Remo Square also has its own putting green, a champion --
Size tennis courts and share a part of a great lake behind the estate.
It is expected to sell for more than $4. 5 million.
Entering through the landscaped circular Lane, the recently renovated property currently earns between $1000 and $2800 a week on AirBnB, depending on the number of guests.
It turns out that it is very popular with tourists from China and Hong Kong.
The karaoke room has a stage, projector and color light source: SuppliedInside, which is filled with complex hand-made
Asian carved furniture, including a spectacular arch leading to a formal restaurant.
These works are called \"Royal oriental decoration\" and can also be negotiated as part of the sale.
The karaoke room has room for a pool table.
It is adjacent to a wine cellar --tasting area.
Outside is a covered entertainment area overlooking the park.
\"Royal oriental decoration\" is a feature of family resources: The Manor, including Grandma\'s apartment, is provided.
The only missing feature is a pool, but there is plenty of room to add one with council approval.
The most expensive suburban rental, Mr Venables said, \"it\'s really different, it\'s weird, and some buyers may want to keep it as someone for the weekend . \".
\"It has a good income --
So it\'s a good investment if you keep doing that.
\"Furniture can be negotiated as part of the source of sales: The manor surrounded by other luxury homes is a 10-
It is only a few minutes\' drive from the upcoming Cherrybrook railway station.
It is located in the corner block of Galston Rd Street, 100 m frontage Street, providing potential for future capital growth and possible development.
The property also shares lakeSource: \"Since the land is currently close to local schools, shops and medical centers, the land supplied is unique,\" Mr Venables said . \".
\"The block is flat, wide and all available, which makes it more attractive and suitable for a lot of buyers while many areas are tilted on the Hill.
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