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justin timberlake embarks on his man of the woods tour—and one fan\'s reaction is priceless

by:Marslite     2019-09-13
Justin Timberlake started his woods trip Tuesday at the Toronto Air Canada Center
His fans couldn\'t believe it had finally happened.
Literally, one of Timberlake\'s fans is so close to 37 years old that it looks very shockingyear-Old Artist
Who can blame Heting black for singing old and new songs, singing \"dirty\", \"Midnight Summer Jam\", \"loved ones\", \"Sexy Back\", \"higher\", \"Senorita\", \"suit tie \", \"My Love\", \"cry a river for me\", \"mirror\" drinks you, \"flannel\", \"until the end of time,\" \"Morning Light \", \"What happened around . . . . . . \", \"Say Something,\" Montana \"Summer Love\" \"Rock Your Body\" \"supply\" and \"Can\'t Stop This Feeling \"!
\"Timberlake\'s backup singer also made the cover of\" dream\"
\"Come Together\" and \"Thank God, I am a country boy.
With the support of 15 band members, including a horn area and six dancers, he sang for more than two hours in three hoursstage set-
Comes with trees, hanging screens, laser projectors and a glowing MOTW logo.
Tuesday was the first of two.
On the night outside, more than 16,500 people.
Timberlake didn\'t bring a special guest on the stage, but Jessica bill shared some footage on the seat next to the stage.
\"There\'s nothing better than watching your men do what they do on Earth,\" she said on Instagram . \".
\"I am proud of you, the Forest man!
\"Take a look at the opening of more photos: live country generated by the global tour, the Wright Entertainment Group, LBI Entertainment Tennman station wagon, Ting International Tour will pass on 2019, 102.
Timberlake will be sold again-
Perform at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Thursday.
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