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just doodling on stage : sometimes showing lighter-is-better in bass fishing can bring a backlash

by:Marslite     2019-09-19
The artist stood above his audience and began his performance: \"My name is Don Ivano.
I\'m a city boy from Burbank, California.
I learned to fish in the city. . .
Catch those Highway bass in the sewer pond.
\"His stage is the top of a mobile fish tank called Hawg troough, one of five people who participated in fishing shows all over the country, in this way, experts like Iovino can show their skills and impart their wisdom.
Iovino speaks bass.
\"It\'s very important to catch light in our waters,\" Iovino told People last week at the West fishing tackle and boat show in Long Beach.
\"Most of our lakes are round and we are barely covered and we deal with a lot of suspended fish, boat traffic, water skiers, bodies. . . .
\"The next morning, at the house of Burbank, ivowino got up before dawn to catch up with his catalog business.
With the help of his wife Darlene, four adult children and a son, his garage is packed with custom forklifts --in-
He distributed the law to other parts of the country and Japan.
The most popular is the hand.
\"My main character is the plastic worm made by Don Cecil,\" Iovino said . \".
With time permitting, he took part in the Western Outdoor News Bass Tour and other events.
Then it went back to the tour.
\"My performance season starts in January,\" he said . \"
\"This year is a nightmare.
I went to 14 states.
\"Iovino used to commute to Huntington Park frequently to work for the defense sub-contractor, saginte industries.
He helped develop the F-engine control system. 14, EA-6, A-
Warthog, E2C and-7.
But then he left the defensive mouse game and joined another one.
In the past few years, bass fisherman Don Iovino has become a company.
\"It\'s not easy for me,\" said Iovino . \".
\"I started at the age of 30. . . in the city.
Fishing for bass in the south and west is a way of life.
There\'s another point hanging out on Hollywood Boulevard.
\"Iovino has lived in Burbank for 50 of 52 years, but it was not until 1969 that he found his way to Lake Castaic, which is one on Interstate 5
He then did not realize that he had come to the hottest big Bass Lake in Southern California.
\"I started fishing for trout and catfish,\" he said . \"
\"Bass is the farthest thing in my head, but I used to catch them all the time. . .
Throw them back.
I don\'t want them.
\"One day I saw these bass boats on the lake.
Both my son and I were overwhelmed by them.
So I went back to the launch ramp to see what they were doing and they were calling these little bass.
I threw the big guy back.
So I told myself I could do it.
\"Iovino won several national titles and tried the\" Major League \"bass fishing player Association championship in the South.
He said: \"I played five Bass games and I made money in four games. (But)
I want to identify my priorities in developing my business.
I am a western boy. I live here.
This is a full commitment to bass.
You give up a lot for a can of gold, maybe one of 10 people will get it.
I don\'t want to go all over the country to chase the rainbow.
Iovino tip: \"keep getting smaller when you\'re not bitten. . .
Light Line, small bait. \"Doodling.
One day it will be part of the Iovino tomb. He invented it.
Graffiti is a presentation (plastic)
In the precise target area using the appropriate tip bar, light, worm in natural autumn shaking or stationary shaking--
\"Put your ship in the target area with your electronic equipment,\" he explained . \".
\"We use natural colors and fast-bup-bup-bup--motion.
This is a shock.
That\'s why having a quick-tip rod.
\"The shaking worm has been around since I showed up.
I\'m doing adjustment techniques. -
Brass sink, glass beads, handmade in natural color
Poured worm, light-
Line hook with special graffiti rod with fast tip.
\"Iovino prefers coins made in brass.
\"They are not cheap,\" he said, \"but they are 10 times better than others because they work four times as hard as others . \"
\"He put the glass beads next to the sink, so, when he shakes the line, they make a clicking sound like a reptile ---
This is Bath\'s favorite lunch.
Iovino told the audience: \"I like the 8 th or the 3/16 th in spring (
Inch diameter)brass sinker.
I use 8 for noise-
A millimeter glass bead that makes noise and makes it reflect. I like tattle-
The story of worms in spring, because of the simulation of reptiles.
\"You don\'t shake all the time when you doodle.
You shake, you pull, you stop.
Sometimes they look at it for two or three minutes and take it away.
I like to shake on the sink.
I let it sit for a minute and it will float and I will shake it again. . .
Make noise.
Did you notice how the tail came up when the bug fell? (I)shook it and (the fish)
Didn\'t he take it?
\"Iovino took the technology to the south and he had the courage to tell the Southerners how to catch bass.
\"For a long time,\" he said, \"they don\'t want to talk to you when you say you\'re from California.
They don\'t want to believe anything we do.
He made them believers.
He said to them, \"most of you old boys are born with fishing rods in their hands.
They handed me a baseball bat. For protection.
\"He may be a legend in Richmond, Virginia.
He showed a video of his performance in last January to an audience and said: \"This is my first actor.
\"A fish immediately grabbed the plastic worm and began to chew.
There is no hook on this line, but the fish will not let go.
\"Did he eat the bait or what? \" Iovino says.
\"I will tell you that I caught their attention.
\"The bass ignores the min fish in the tank and continues to look for bugs.
Iovino can only feel from above but can\'t see what is happening, he told the audience that the fish may also look for the sink because of the noise.
He said: \"I just told them about it and the fish did it (as if)
They were trained. \"Look at this now.
It\'s really good.
I\'m showing them how to get the fish to eat. . .
Shake, pull, stop. The tail (of the bait)comes up.
Look, he took that.
That\'s the bite, kid.
Do you see another fish in the back of faith?
I \"shhh\" both of them at the same time! See the people?
They don\'t even talk anymore.
Iovino tip: \"One of the mistakes made by fishermen is the imbalance line (weight)with the rod. \"Split-shotting.
Iovino believes Dick Trask has developed the technology in the West, but Iovino is a leading advocate.
\"This is a derivative of Carolina fishing,\" said Iovino . \".
\"We just took a lot of old ideas and made them lighter and better. . .
18 to 24 inch heavier than your leader, so the leader is always free
In the fall, instead of the Texas rig or the graffiti scene where water falls and bait fights worms. \"Split-
Shooting fishing is particularly effective in the shallow waters of spring and summer.
This is a deadly technology that is easy to use.
\"Iovino also shows the split
Shopping in Richmond.
It was an unforgettable experience.
He said: \"I didn\'t notice that the line on the reel was twisted, when you had 7 lines (or)
800 people are watching, very nervousracking.
You don\'t want to embarrass yourself, and you don\'t want people in line to leave.
\"But when he threw the line, it got stuck in an impossible bounce.
Iovino was frightened but not revealed.
He explained, \"I said, \'Guys, what I want to show you here, I deliberately wrapped this thread together, so you can see that the bait will sit there and do your own thing, and the fish will bite.
\"So, I said and untied, the line is getting worse and worse.
Suddenly, the bass picked up Fatzee (lure)
Start swimming with it and pass the tangled line through the eyes of my fishing rod.
\"Guys, that\'s what I told you all the time.
You have a big old bounce and you don\'t have to do anything.
These fish do not miss the bait.
\"Then he put down the pole and picked up the loose rope and told people,\" as long as the hand --
Row the fish in.
They called and applauded again, and I was thinking, \"Hello, ivowino.
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