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josh homme from queens of the stone age sorry for kicking female photographer in the face

by:Marslite     2019-10-08
The Stone Age Queen\'s lead singer Josh Holm apologized for kicking a photographer\'s face at the concert after she shared a video of the \"apparently very deliberate\" incident.
The video shows the rock singer walking past photographer Chelsea Lauren and coming back to kick her camera and hit her face.
Lauren said she was excited when she saw Homer approaching her because she had never shot a band before.
\"Next I know his feet are connected to my camera, my camera is connected to my face, it\'s really hard,\" she told Variety . \".
\"He went on to perform and I got a fright and I kind of stopped looking at him and I just got down and kept covering my face because of the heavy injury.
\"Lauren kept shooting 30 seconds from Mars, and Muse performed at the concert, the annual Christmas event on KROQ radio.
She later went to the hospital for treatment and planned to report the case to the police.
\"I feel that if I don\'t do anything, he will kick the face and not get stuck because he is a musician.
\"No,\" said the photographer.
Homme said in a statement that he \"will never intentionally harm anyone who works or attends a show on our show\" and said \"sincere apologies\" to Lauren \".
\"Last night, when I was lost in the show, I kicked all kinds of lighting and equipment on our stage,\" he said . \".
\"Today, I noticed that this includes the camera held by photographer Chelsea Lauren.
I\'m sorry I didn\'t mean it.
Lauren said no.
A member of the band contacted her directly, but she thanked the public for the \"support message \".
\"My neck is sore, my eyebrows are bruised and a little disgusting.
The doctor released me early in the morning, \"she wrote on Instagram.
After he kicked her, she said, he took out what seemed to be a knife and deliberately cut his forehead.
In the next performance, blood flowed down Horm\'s face.
\"There are three pictures here.
Josh looked at me, smiled, and then kicked me.
\"The other one was later he cut his face with a knife,\" she wrote . \".
\"I was in the pit with tears --
He just stared at me with a smile.
\"No matter what the reasoning is, any kind of attack is not good.
\"I am the place where I am allowed to go and I have not broken any rules.
\"I just want to do my job well.
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