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jbl\'s tubular bluetooth speakers light up your party

by:Marslite     2019-08-29
Turn Debbie Boone\'s \"You Light Up My Life\" on the JBL Pulse, maybe you\'ll have an out-of-Physical experience.
CNET is completely tubular!
JBL wants to light up your picnic, BBQ or family party with a bunch of new colored Bluetooth speakers.
JBL is a portable and affordable speaker brand made by audio company Harman.
It reveals the clip
Clips and sequels of color sodacan-
Stylish flip and charge, as well as a quirky pulse that doubles as a disco light.
The JBL Clip follows what it says on the tin can: it has a mountaineering buckle --
The style clip at the top can stick it on your bag or clothes, or hang it on someone you don\'t like and blow the tube \"Africa\" to them with Toto until they go crazy.
Flip 2 is followed-
Until the soda tankstyle Flip.
Charging 2 includes dual passive radiators that can move to give you a fatter sound and bass elements that you can see.
When your phone pops up your music, both flip and pulse will charge your phone via USB.
And this pulse looks like a soda can. -
In addition to the lights, the led dances with the music.
A smart feature of the speakers is that they can pair multiple smartphones or tablets at a time via Bluetooth.
This means that if several of you use speakers, you don\'t have to keep pairing every time when others turn in DJing: you just started playing your tune on the phone\'s app, it is played from the speaker.
All speakers will be sold in Europe and the United States by the end of this year.
Details have not yet been announced, but the price of JBL 2 in the United States is $150.
The new speakers were launched on IFA 2014, an annual technology trade show in Berlin, where manufacturers gather to showcase their products.
Haman also revealed multi-room music, Hamon Karden Oni.
Streaming Systems for Sonos, Yurbuds sports headsets and business rivals-
Also the minded Esquire mini Bluetooth speaker for the conference call.
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