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jack white tops this week\'s new music

by:Marslite     2019-10-19
Jack jack whitelazettojack White\'s album is not a pity.
Not a long shot.
He can apologize to the Black Keys, Meg White, Lana Del Rey, and the rest of the world he likes.
But it only takes a few minutes with the singer.
The guitarist\'s sophomore album understands that regret and repentance are not driving his mood these days.
Anger and resentment
Accompanied by paranoia, distrust and alienation.
No surprises there.
In the past few years, the former white singer
He always likes to wrap himself and his work with mysterious lies and Riddle cloaks --
Has been pushed out from behind his Wizard of Oz curtain.
His personal career, his chaotic divorce, and his tendency to drool before going into the brain made him famous.
So even though Blunderbuss is his break-up album (
He denied it in front of me and the others, but come on), Lazaretto —
This is clearly the title obtained from the Mariners quarantine station. is his post-
Breaking up album: the outbreak of a lonely, wandering and miserable person.
But there\'s one more
Surprise: The latest news of the white Channel attacking and resisting him in a long string of stones
Cold killer dish
From where Blunderbuss left, take advantage of many of the same musicians, 11-
The album shows all his usual features: the creaking Blues
Rock singers, country singers, roots seeking duo, proggy keyboard freakout, vocals that don\'t fit in, huge hooks, quirky lyrics, deep grooves, whatever arrangements you want.
Only this time, they often carry more bitterness and pessimism, which is also one of his most important personal works.
There is nothing to regret there. RATING: 4 (out of 5)
Hern is no longer pretending.
Now, anyway.
35 years after facing all sorts of pretenders, the racisteyed singer-
The guitarist finally played his own card-
Change her melody a little.
Her first solo album. Sort of.
In fact, while her name is unique on the cover, in fact, Stockholm is probably the most real collaborative effort she has ever made. The 11-
The song album was created and recorded in Sweden with Bjorn Yttling (
You can remember him from the whistles of Peter, Bjorn, and John.
Pop music for young people.
It\'s not hard to hear his impact and input on these cuts, which in exchange for haende cutting the guitar
Rock offers a wider palette of songs, sounds and styles
Most of them are based on quieter emotions, softer beats, Popple\'s melodies, and greater reliance on synths and the Beatles.
In order to adapt to a more intimate environment, Hynde also controls her voice, humming in a low voice in Husky\'s tone, rather than relaxing with her towering female bass.
This does not mean the lack of impact on Stockholm.
The guitar still accounts for a large proportion of the lawsuit, from the creaking mad horse folk --
Swing in the wrong way (
Including Neil Young\'s cameo)
Johnny\'s choppy black sunglasses-
Style licking plan far and sound
Sweet Nuthin \'based on closed door and add blue.
Of course, fans who are waiting six years for the new Pretend album may be a little disappointed.
But those who appreciate the time that haynde has matured for decades will not mind her being herself for change. RATING: 3. 5 (out of 5)
Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin have something in common: Big Bill bronch do you want to hear some American music?
You can\'t find anything more real than this.
Phil and Dave Alvin have put their long-term relationship on hold.
Differences brewing in honor of prolific nations
Broonzy\'s blues idol
Naturally, they will serve vintage food like myself, I feel very good, and it is the key to the highway, have all the simple and plain twang you expect without decoration
But the real reason to celebrate here is to hear Phil\'s climax.
Lonesome yodel once again worked with Dave\'s injured baritone and flexible team of freelance workers.
This is the second good thing of the blasting division party. RATING: 4 (out of 5)
LPForever now has two sides of LP-and to LP.
On the one hand, Laura Pergolizzi is an employee
Guns from Rihanna, Xtina, Cher and BSB
On the other hand, she is a singer with a little quirk.
Songwriters and Yuri\'s lover finally broke through the mainstream in the 2012 wilderness.
Forever Nowher first full-
Ten years later.
Trying to blend her split personality by decorating her roof
Raise Hal and left
Trends with super fields
Beautiful sound, dance
It is worth the production of grooves and oversized.
Florence and machines
Like the result is sometimes too ruthless too heavy
They will do commercial advertising for their own benefit, but they will certainly do it now. RATING: 3 (out of 5)
Andrew Bird is really great here, a little . . . . . . Time is a flat circle.
Like bird\'s latest CD.
Chicago singer
The songwriter and violinist shared his love for alt.
Country cult hero Handsome Family, the most famous is the real detective theme, away from any road.
The Bird and his band.
And nine other gothic folk songs-
Gorgeous room-
His logo is the mixed dignity of the folk atmosphere and bittersweet.
What is your reality? RATING: 3. 5 (out of 5)
Spanish gold in the south of noheriovo comes from somewhere. To wit: Semi-
Spanish Super Combo Gold Medal by big Manor singer-
Guitarist Dante Schwebel
So, like his daily work, it has psychedelic-
Black key haze of soul.
Still, even if you feel like you \'ve been here before, it\'s a great place to go. RATING: 3. 5 (out of 5)
The machine killed ArtistsCall it Gluey back porch treatment.
The evil Melvins Singer
Guitarist bass Osborne unwound the axe for this personal acoustic adventure
However, he is still releasing an album as heavy, weird and threatening as anything he has pushed out with sludge --metal cohorts. RATING: 3 (out of 5)
WhoQuadrophenia living in London: Deluxe Edition \"why do I care?
Pete Townsend Museum in Quadrophenia.
You may also be curious about Quadrophenia living in London. Fair enough.
But since you asked, here are four good reasons to see who recently retold their 1973 rock operas about a troubled mod in his 60 s named Jimmy1)
The performance was impressive.
Record and shoot their last night of the 2012 Foursquare tour at Wembley Arena, 95-
The main activities of the minute to capture the singer-
Guitarist Townsend and lead singer Roger dalterry are in good shape.
Music and other aspects.
Pete\'s game is as aggressive as ever, with plenty of riffs and power --String windmill.
Roger\'s voice is very strong.
He screamed at me at the end of love as raw as 40 years ago.
Not bad for two 70-year-olds. Their eight-piece band (
Including guitarist Simon Townsend and bassist Pino Palladino)
The Horn area has their backs.
And production-
Complete with extensive vintage video and combined Jack lightingis eye-
Catch it without getting in the way. 2)
Keith and John are guest.
No, Keith Moon, the drummer who has left, and John entyal, the thunderous bassist, have not been reincarnated yet.
Or a holographic image.
But they did show up on the show via video.
5: 15, with the band playing, an old piece playing a typical huge bass solo was inserted;
Another shot in the middle.
The man in his 70 s found the moon behind his kit and dubbed his bell boy. The best part?
When Roger looked at the old pieces, his face was filled with joy.
When it comes to old things: in addition to Quadrophenia, you can get the other half of Encore
An hour of vintage, who will be like who you are, the pinball elf, will not be fooled again. 3)
The packaging is cool.
The deluxe edition features faux Vespa headlights decorated with red, white and blue Mod signs (
It\'s really 10-
Inch round metal tank with a huge padded decal on the front but still).
Inside you can see the concert on Blu
Ray, regular DVD and two cd\'s, and a round brochure with a photo, a Mod headlights button and sticker. 4)
You can get four squares in 5 minutes. 1 AUDIO.
It\'s no surprise that Townsend originally envisioned a four-tone work.
On the box set of director 2011, he remixed the eight main cuts of quad.
But now, the last and first time, the entire album has been redone in 5 minutes. 1 Blu-
Create a new listening experience.
In the typical Townsend fashion, it\'s just thrown here as a bonus disc.
This alone almost proves that the price of $100 on the box is reasonable.
Nevertheless, various configurations can be used separately.
You should care. RATING: 4 (out of 5)
Paul weilmore of modern classicism: What\'s the difference in the ocean.
Former marmalade master and style MP Weiler is well deserved to be respected in his native England.
On this side of the pond? Not so much.
Thankfully, those who want to play catch up are lucky.
Latest compilation of Modfather-
A sequel to his 1998 outing, yes, modern classics
Collected about 20 hit songs, highlights and singles from his last 15 years, starting with cutting the guitarrock and post-
Punk heavy soul, R & B, psychedelic, folk and more.
Of course, it will bring us two new songs.
Of course, it\'s barely dabbling in the vast ocean of his catalogue, but hey, it\'s a start. RATING: 3. 5 (out of 5)
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