it\'s back! vivid is set to illuminate sydney yet again – and here are the best secret spots to watch it

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
Dancing lights, with secret art installations and landmarks, bathed in colorful lights-
This year\'s lively festival will illuminate Sydney\'s skyline for 11 consecutive years.
Whether it\'s a family entertainment night, a picturesque dating night, or an excuse to meet with friends, 23-
The festival of light, music and creativity is good for everyone.
The city will turn into an awesome subversion wonderland.
From Sydney Harbour Bridge to the Opera House, the city is lit up in exciting colors.
Other key areas include the new State Art Gallery, the Barrangaroo art gallery, the Carriageorks art gallery, the Chatswood art gallery, the Circular Quay art gallery, the Darling Harbour art gallery, the Kings Cross Art Gallery, the rock Luna Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Interactive lighting fixtures and sculptures will take an important place throughout Sydney and in concert.
The festival will begin-
Rest on Friday, May 24 and run every night until Saturday, June 15, free of charge in most major areas.
Vivid Sydney has been lighting up the Sydney foreshore since 2008, initially a concise lighting festival to improve energy efficiency by displaying light paintings on the sails of the Sydney Opera House.
It has now become the largest festival in the southern hemisphere, attracting millions of people every year.
A copy of the Australian Daily Mailyou-need-to-
Learn the guide to Vivid 2019 to make sure you make the most of your time during the festival.
Best vantage point for those who want to take pictures-
Rock, Hickson Road Reserve, Bradfield Park and Luna Park are the perfect views for the celebration.
For those who are ready to shoot the camera and shoot some lights, the best option is to shoot above the installation.
For those who wish to take some good photos, Cahill walk to the observation deck close to the Harbour Bridge and the Overseas Passenger Terminal is two options.
Highlights of the year include Pixar\'s debut on Argyle Cut in the rock, where predictions of the history of animation technology development will be projected onto the roof of the tunnel.
Some people even advise people to lie on the road.
The whole holiday will be closed-
Get a complete experience.
The Sydney Opera House has always been a favorite of the festival because it has developed into an art installation, live events and a dining center at the same time.
This year, the sail will be lit and designed by artist Andrew Thomas Wong to showcase the art of Australian botanists.
The Opera House will accommodate multiple worlds throughout the festival-
Top-notch artist performances including Maggie Rogers, healing and Herbie Hancock.
Taronga Zoo can not only enjoy the beauty of the harbor, but also the zoo of animals. than-
Life-glowing sculptures, conservation lectures and interactive displays throughout the zoo.
This year, these monitors, known as \"field lights\", are an event with tickets and there are multiple meetings throughout the evening.
The Samsung Electric gaming store offers some of the best vantage points to get in the Vivid Sydney magic.
Capture the perfect memory from several specially curated attractions, both from the top of the 6 th to see the spectacular Circular Quay. 5-
Mi unlimited slides or the tranquility of a Samsung Sky stroll.
There will be many large exhibitions in the Royal Botanical Garden, such as 500 Fireflies, a satellite that responds to lights and dances up to 4 grass leaves. 5 metres high.
Cultural metaphor, we are one, exploring the oversized letters manipulated in a space cube, depicting different words from different angles, and encouraging respect at the multicultural roots of the country.
Symphony is an interactive celebration with the lights and sounds of the white large crystal bowl and rubber mallets, inviting visitors to tap the bowl to bring the bowl to life.
I heard an interactive light and sound device you said (
But did you hear that?
There will also be inequality in the Royal Botanic Gardens and the digital age.
The 500 engineering flying spots in the FireFly field hover above the ground, speeding around and reflecting all the time on the grass slopes. The 146 4.
The 5-meter-high glowing grass leaves allow visitors to stroll through a green forest, touch sensitive and move in the breeze.
Darling Harbour will host a 16-meter-high mechatronics unit called Ecobot, dedicated to crushing and processing old cars and creating a new society from old ones.
This robot space involves a group of robots with the ability to perceive.
Use recycled cars and industrial jumps to create alternative landscapes.
The area will also have Tumbalong Lights, an inclusive playground for \"celebrating the art of the game, inclusive basic human rights and the joy of discovery.
People of all ages and abilities can enjoy outer space tours and work extensively with artists with disabilities to encourage a world of equality for all.
Barangaroo, the city\'s newest and thriving area, quickly became more and more popular, including a variety of lighting fixtures, restaurants and live performers.
The place of communication will be transformed into a winter camp, and the layers of light, sound and puppets will fill the area, drawing inspiration from the changes of the season. A six-
The tall puppet named Marry Dyin (Great Woman)
Will return to the winter camp with a group of charming fish puppets.
For those of you who want to sit down for a drink at night, glass-
Located on top of Pullman Sydney Harbour Pier, walled manor bar is a perfect choice for accommodation when visiting Sydney Harbour Bridge and Museum of Contemporary Art.
The device on the opera sail is best viewed from the Opera Bar-
You can also see the harbor bridge and the scenery of Luna Park. The Shangri-
La Hotel\'s Blu bar offers unparalleled views of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the surrounding area, as well as delicious cocktails and bar food.
With a 270-degree view of Sydney\'s iconic harbor, IHG\'s Dinner Club is a great place to enjoy Vivid Sydney facilities while enjoying drinks.
Henry Dean at the Palisade Hotel is hidden at Miller point.
You can enjoy many special cocktails, beers, wines and platters from the bar. On the roof of the Glenmore Hotel, you can see the harbor bridge and the sail of the Sydney Opera House.
Before strolling around Circular Quay, it was also a great place for dinner and drinks.
Sydney cafe is famous for its delicacy
Seafood Restaurant and spectacular views.
Sitting next to the customs building, you will need to book in advance to find a table on the rooftop balcony.
The light Tour is located at the top of Paddington with a rooftop bar overlooking the city skyline.
Sunset drinks are essential, and when the sun goes down, you can see the lights of the bridge and see the vast view of the Sydney Opera House. Watch the lively Sydney in Sydney to live in the best seats.
Luna Park\'s big ferris wheel is the hottest habitat to enjoy Vivid Sydney views.
Take in one of the biggest lighting fixtures in Vivid Sydney as you overlook the stunning Sydney harbor.
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