is switch to digital diluting creative music?

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
The DJs told Sky News how technology forced artists to turn to numbers because they were criticized for taking the easy car.
In most nightclubs, DJs are likely to perform on laptops.
Now, almost all the big names of dance music rely on computers to perform.
But as the software itself matches the beat and hybrid tracks, critics argue that the technology does all the hard work to allow some DJs to be self-contained.
The real name is Norman Cook, who says he has been \"dragged out of the vinyl era\" for the past three years \".
The music producer told Sky News: \"Actually, my management has to say, \'they don\'t make records anymore, you have to do that!
He acknowledged at Serbia\'s export festival this year: \"It is very painful for me.
\"It\'s like saying goodbye to a girlfriend or ex.
Wife, but the new shiny model allows you to lure you on the road with your entire music library!
\"For performers like Fatso Slim, the change in technology means learning new technologies to inspire fans.
According to Mick Wilson of DJ Mag, what makes real creative talent stand out is what DJs do with technology.
He said: \"On the one hand, it reduces the standard because (the technology)
It\'s so accessible.
But you still need to put time and effort into your ship.
\"You have to learn the tools of the industry, and then once you have mastered them, like how to mix properly with the effects, that\'s the difference between good DJ and bad DJ.
\"Mr. Wilson, who has been a DJ for more than 20 years, said that the technology can really improve performance by adding live loops and even syncing the light show to a single song.
He added: \"You have been very limited in the past days, but when the laptop comes up, its design makes life easier, the way you use it depends on whether you are using it creatively or just standing there.
Music producer Delft punk recently delivered a speech about the negative impact of new technologies on dance music, with the album hastily placed in \"airport and hotel rooms.
But many of today\'s big dance shows say they have no choice but to keep up with the times.
Will Kennard of Chase & Status told Sky News: \"Everyone wants to bring back vinyl, but from a work point of view, the reality is that it\'s a nightmare, the way we play music, you really can\'t do it these days.
\"As can be seen from the volume of sales of vinyl records, young music fans are eager to maintain 1 feet of sales in the past.
ICM\'s study found that people under the age of 25 had more records of purchases than any other age group.
The new vinyl library in stocknewton can see evidence of its resurgence. The not-for-
The profitable loan service opened less than a month,
Founders Sophie Austin and Ellie lundle say they are overwhelmed by donations from enthusiasts and record labels.
\"We have a couple of DJs to play tunes, young people, and even people in their 80 s,\" Sophie said . \".
Elly attributed their great interest to an important factor.
\"This analog sound cannot be reproduced,\" she explained . \".
\"If you don\'t stick to it, your child will never experience this different voice.
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