indonesia hunts for survivors as volcano tsunami toll nears 400

by:Marslite     2019-10-03
Labuan, Indonesia (Reuters)-
On Monday, Indonesian military and rescue teams began rescue efforts along a coastline in hopes of finding survivors of a tsunami triggered by a landslide that killed at least 373 people.
A thick ash cloud from Anak Krakatau, a volcanic island, collapsed late on Saturday at high tide, triggering waves, hit the coastal areas of sun Da across the Strait between Sumatra and Java.
Rescuers use heavy machinery and bare hands along 100 km (60 mile)
An extension of the west coast of Java.
More than 1,400 people were injured and about 12,000 residents had to move to higher ground
The tide alarm continued until Wednesday.
The giant archipelago, located on the Pacific \"Ring of Fire\", suffered the worst disaster deaths in more than a decade.
On July and August, the earthquake leveled parts of Lombok Island and two earthquakes occurred --and-
On September, a tsunami struck remote parts of Sulawesi, killing more than 2,000 people.
\"At least 373 people have died and 128 are currently missing,\" said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, a spokesman for the disaster reduction agency, on Monday night . \".
The tsunami on Saturday destroyed more than 700 buildings, from shops, houses to villas and hotels.
Only 24 minutes after the landslide, the waves hit the land, and there was no warning for those living on the coast.
\"Everything is destroyed\", the vehicle is crushed by the waves, which lift large pieces of metal, cut-down trees, wooden beams and household items and store them on roads and rice fields.
Nurjana, 20, ran up the mountain after the tsunami.
Her beach stall was washed away.
\"I opened the door immediately and saved myself.
\"I skipped the wall,\" she said . \".
\"Everything was destroyed.
\"In the Channel, Anak Krakatau (
Kids in Krakatau)
Still erupting on Sunday night, white smoke and ashes burst into the sky.
About 64 hectares of volcanic island, 90 football fields, have collapsed into the sea.
In 1883, the volcano, then known as kalakato, broke out the largest explosion in history, killing more than 36,000 people in a series of tsunamis, using volcanic ash to reduce the global surface temperature by 1 degree Celsius.
Anak Krakatau is an island that emerged from the region in 1927 and has been growing since then.
The huge waves isolated hundreds of people on the island of sebeisi, about 12 km kilometers from the volcano.
Syamsiar, the island\'s village secretary, told Metro television that \"we are completely paralyzed,\" he called for food and medicine.
President Joko wi, who is running for re-election
The April election told the disaster agency to install an early warning system, but experts said that unlike the tsunami caused by the earthquake, few people can remind people that the waves are coming.
Eddie Dempsey, lecturer in structural geology at the University of Hull in the UK, said 2004 \"The tsunami caused by the collapse of the volcanic flank is on the coast and is often close to the population . \".
\"The interval between the collapse of the volcano and the arrival of the waves is very small.
\"The timing of the disaster during Christmas reminds people of the Indian Ocean tsunami caused by the earthquake in December.
2004 people have killed 226,000 people in 14 countries, including more than 120,000 in Indonesia.
Families left the area on Monday amid fears of a further tsunami, blocking roads already blocked by debris.
The fishermen told about the breeze after a huge wave crashed wooden fishing boats moored on the coast and tied them to trees.
Excavators are used to move debris, including a pile of steel roofs wrapped together like spaghetti.
Medical staff were sent in with the army, and police and soldiers arrived in remote areas.
A group used sniffing dogs to find survivors at the beach club, the tsunami washed away an outdoor stage, and Indonesian rock band Seventeen was performing at a party for about 200 guests.
They dug up nine bodies that day.
In a village 20 km kilometres away, district chief Atmadja Suhara said he was helping to take care of 4,000 refugees, many of whom are now homeless.
\"Everyone is still in a state of panic,\" he said . \".
\"We often have disasters, but it\'s not as bad as it is now.
He said, \"We will rebuild, God will. \" (
Additional reports by John Purnomo and Pujin of Adi Kurniawan Pandi lanfani, Diela of the Civil Registration System and Jakarta, Vada Asmarni;
Works by Kapoor and Martin Peti;
Editor Kevin Liffy)
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