indiana stage collapse victims get $6m more in aid

by:Marslite     2019-09-24
On Thursday, the Indiana attorney general\'s office issued a $2011 cheque to 59 victims killed in the collapse of the 6 million deadly Indiana state Expo stage.
This amount amounts to $11 million paid by the state to the victims of the collapse.
It has paid $5 million, the limit for infringement claims under Indiana law.
The Assembly approved supplementary payments earlier this year.
Attorney General Greg Zoeller, who announced the payment at a State Council press conference, said the second round of inspections would cover medical costs for victims whose injuries were not permanent.
As at November, the state had also paid for medical care.
The special deputy attorney general, Paul mulling, said that for those who are paralyzed or injured and need continuous care, 2011.
The legislature also agreed to pay $700,000 per estate of seven deceased persons.
Each property has received $400,000 so far.
Zoeller said these payments were appropriate given everything the victim had to endure.
\"The stage rigging collapsed in strong winds and people were waiting for the country duo Sugarland to perform at the Indiana State Fair.
Seven people were killed and 60 injured.
After reviewing evidence such as medical bills and insurance payments and face, an independent arbitration panel determined how much individuals will receiveto-
Face interviews with victims and survivors and their lawyers.
Officials say the process was designed with the help of victim compensation expert Kenneth Van Berg and takes far less time than it takes to hear each case in court.
\"This is the speed of light compared to regular litigation,\" said William Baden, who presided over three lawsuits.
Arbitration panel.
The legislature set a deadline for the issuance of this $6 million next month.
The victims agreed not to sue the state in exchange for compensation, but a statement from the attorney general\'s office said they could still file private proceedings against other defendants.
Many of these proceedings have been filed against other defendants, including bands and companies that make or set up the stage.
Brian Corbyn, spokesman for the attorney general\'s office, said the state was the defendant in the four-stage bankruptcy proceedings being heard by Marion County court.
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