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The chance of success in srecans is like a fairy tale.
The student who dropped out of college never dreamed that his life would be spent on stage, or rather behind the scenes, as a leading lighting designer, he was in India and abroad
Theater shows, live dance and music shows, TV shows, big budget weddings . . . . . . His schedule was full.
When he came to his home, MetroPlus caught up with him, and he rested in Cheruvikkal, near the capital, reekariyam.
\"This is how things happen, that\'s all,\" which is how he summed up his multistory evolution as one of the main highlights of his career.
His love of drama finally brought him to the city.
The actor of the Abhinaya troupe.
But in addition to the nuances of the performance, he is also attracted by technical aspects such as lighting and stage design. “Raghuchettan [D.
Reghoothaman United
Founder of Abhinaya]
He realized where my interest was, and although the lighting design was not given much importance in those days, he allowed me to try the lights.
We work within our own scope and show neat work.
Best of all, he allowed me to work in other theater groups such as Kavalam Narayana Panicker, Chandrahasan and Naripatta Raju etc.
As I worked with the works of Soorya, Dakha Sheth Dance Company and Samuel DRA and the stage activities of the director T. , the learning process continuedK. Rajeev Kumar.
Senior lighting designer V.
Ramamurthy opened up a new vision for him.
\"Since I am not a trained lighting designer, I have to experiment myself and wait for the results.
But Mr. Ramamurthy changed my life.
He used to hold lighting workshops all over India and I attended every workshop, \"he said.
The form of the bonus was his collaboration with French lighting designer Remi Nicholas, who came down to create a contemporary dance work for the Prana dance troupe containing Kalaripayattu
The film brought him international exposure.
Today, Sreekanth is the technical director of the Sangeet Natak Akademi cultural project, who makes lighting designs for dance, music and drama festivals and cultural exchange programs organized by akademi in India and abroad.
He also works with leading classical/contemporary dancers to create for their personal work, which includes Laila Samsen, Madavi mudarh and Kumudini la
\"I can\'t believe it. Once I couldn\'t tell the difference between kuchpedi and Otis!
Now I\'m sitting with the artist to discuss the complexity of the lighting design and have a full rehearsal.
I want to have rhythm, accuracy, and presence.
These artists are very professional and we cannot tolerate any slack.
I also did a lighting design for Pandit Jasraj, Hariprasad Chaurasia and Zakir Hussain\'s show, \"42-year-old.
He is now a guest faculty member at Kerala Kalamandalam, where he teaches courses in lighting design for students in katakali and monitam.
\"This is an unprecedented opportunity for a lighting designer.
At first, it was difficult to get the pilgrims into trouble.
\"But I have convinced them that proper lighting can highlight the performance, and some of them have started to stick to the lights they want,\" he said . \".
Sreekanth also works on TV and works on Amrita TV, Rose Bowl and Kappa TV.
Recently, he was in great need of a high profile wedding in Kerala and Delhi, where he currently works.
But there is nothing better than the experience of working in the theater.
\"My heart is in the theater, probably because I used to be an actor.
Although there is less money, I am very excited about the stage.
A small mistake would ruin the whole show.
Now, the new directors and artists have given due attention to the technical aspects, and it faces challenges.
One of the comforting works is The Joker and cloud by Abhilash Pillai, a circus-themed work.
We produce effects using LEDs, moving heads, laser lights, and head beams.
Now we use different levels of following points to focus on a part of the body of the character, such as an eye or a hand.
I am very proud of the work that we have done for Abhinaya\'s work, such as \"mcbai\" and \"Saara ka\".
However, the lighting designer has not yet received the treatment it deserves, says reekanth.
\"The light designer is still a non-Entity of existence
Not many people know what we do and what technology is involved, while in foreign countries, the image of the light designer is completely different.
Unlike Kerala, these countries have a permanent stage for experimenting/rehearsing with a lighting design.
I am proud that I can bring a professional spirit in this area where there are many opportunities.
Actually, I\'m glad Kochi-
I was invited by the lighting and sound Association to give a speech.
\"The future seems very bright,\" he said . \"
Short takes * reekanth operates in the capital Cameo to rent lighting for various events such as music shows, stage shows, shootings and weddings.
* He is the technical head of cultural events for the Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi on 2010, and for the Prithvi Drama Festival, the Udaya Shankar Dance Festival, the Nishagandhi Dance Kerala International Film Festival and the Kerala International Drama Festival.
He has worked in Portugal, London, Austria, Middle East, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mauritius, Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, South Africa, the United States, Canada, China, Bangkok and Indonesia.
* Sreekanth married Kathak dancer Monisa Nayak, who \"helped him understand the nuances of different dance forms.
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