in columbia, lofty plans for merriweather park

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Groups commissioned to transform woodlands around the Merryweather Post Pavilion in downtown Columbia want to learn from some of the world\'s great public parks, such as Central Park in New York, Millennium Park in Chicago, or Qiu Park in London.
In order to create the vision, the neabor Trust Company formed a high
A strong team of landscape designers, architects and engineers has drawn up a plan for what it calls the Merriwether Park.
In their own words, here are some of their ideas.
Neabor Trust recommends the replacement of parts of the metal and chain
Fence the Merryweather amphitheater with 871 m-
The foot garden view steel pipe called \"Caterpillar.
Martha Schwartz, curator of the new park, is the head of a global landscape design company that specializes in \"activating and recycling urban sites and urban centers \".
\"The Caterpillar will be a spotted beast --
\"Spots\" are holes of different sizes, through which changing flowering plants, natural forest species, glow and illuminate the roads along their sides, the light stick sprouts from its skin like a higher hair on a caterpillar.
It will also provide the necessary functions; to create a [871-foot]
The boundary between the merryweiser exhibition hall and the Symphony Forest has performances for a limited period of time, but most of the time is still an open portal so that the public can be in the merryweiser Park
It will act as a gateway function and kiosk, fit into the body of Caterpillar, and will be a symbol of Merryweather Park.
\"It will also be an interesting Caterpillar.
Its \"skin\" will allow individuals and community groups to participate in the planting of seasonal flowers, vegetables and the creation of music or poetry that will be heard through Caterpillar\'s integrated interactive sound system.
It will also reflect the sound of the forest, or, if programmed through one of its apps, sing you a birthday song.
\"Lighting will be on a computerized system and integrated with motion sensors so that Caterpillar knows when someone is approaching and helps ensure that the path is well lit.
It will also shine at night, because the skin will slowly change its glow point as the night unfolds.
The Caterpillar was built to deliver water to the water.
Irrigation will provide the public with a spectacle of fog and water.
In the evening, the Caterpillar will take a misty aura and see the tree trunk from the road.
Caterpillar is full of interactive possibilities, which will be both functional and interesting --
The fun and interactive canvas of the community is very active.
Nowadays, the picnic table in the woodland is basically not used.
Schwartz and her team will create their own \"picnic table\", a 300-
The foot length raised platform is paired with artificial turf to create a more visible place to gather: Schwartz: \"picnic tables are a place where society gathers and can be used as a tableand much more!
People can stop by it and eat from its surface --of-the-
Art artificial lawns, or lay picnic blankets on soft surfaces, eat under the canopy of the forest, or take a nap.
People can sit in their seats.
The same is true of the high edge of the table.
\"This picnic table is magical and mysterious because it is almost invisible in the summer forest.
Because of its design and importance, this low green table will visually disappear into the forest like a well
Disguised forest animals
This table will fit into the green grass carpet under the forest. . .
As the seasons change, the green color of the carpet will be in sharp contrast to the autumn and winter landscape, leaving memories of the past summer lawn and leaving hope for the upcoming spring.
The current park is largely untapped.
The neabor team will add a number of new attractions, including the new garden and a maze of thin metal mesh, to attract people into the park.
Schwartz: \"The Magical Maze will be the game space for adults and children.
Who does not love the maze?
However, this maze will be a series of more complex spatial experiences that provide corridors that connect multiple corridors, however, allow access to the corridors through a wide range of doors, this can lead people to chase hidden happily --and-go-seek.
This maze is a game.
Because of its transparency, people can see people in the maze at any time.
But given the diversity of choices
Multiple escape ways through multiple doors to and from corridors and corridors, one can see the quarries, but it is still difficult to catch them.
\"There will be a series of rooms in the maze where performances or independent works of art can be held.
The open mesh structure of the maze can be used as a framework for temporary installation, and the impromptu art of the community is invited to complete.
Essentially, this is a framework for games, art and performance that can be decorated for seasonal events or exhibitions.
Although they added elements to the woodland, the designers wanted to keep the idyllic beauty of the area.
The winding wooden passage will be created with spots of \"lillypad\" to stay.
Scott Rykiel is executive vice president of landscape design company Mahan & Rykiel in Baltimore.
\"The starting point for the design team is to protect and preserve what is existing.
We see the potential to increase the natural undergrowth landscape at the bottom of the forest.
This will be a rich layer of color and texture that will change as the season changes and become the destination landscape, no different from the woodland garden in wintertour.
We will also restore the river bed and rebuild the vegetation along the river.
All of this has the added benefit of reducing the area of the neatly trimmed lawn, improving health and extending the life of the Symphony Orchestra.
\"The neabor trust is proposing to create a small amphitheater called\" cocoons \"near the main complex in Merryweather for community activities and just to go out and play.
Last summer, Merryweather set up a staging stage in the same place to see how the space serves real live events.
Architect Mark Burns, whose company specializes in what he calls \"experimental, highly organic, mass, and self-
The supporting structure between art and architecture.
\"The Cocoon shell in the park immediately attracted people\'s attention --
Stand out as an icon but blend seamlessly with the environment.
In the case of minimal damage to its forest environment, many independent feet of the shell gently fall on the ground, enhancing organic insertion of the site through its colorful surface.
The extremely lightweight aluminum structure spans the main performance stage and is able to host a variety of large events and create a smaller adjacent stage for smaller, possibly spontaneous performances.
The back of the deck forms a series of shady balconies that provide a location for daily relaxation and social gatherings.
It has two stages, and these forests face belvederes, and cocoons are actually a platform for entertainment and expression, a pavilion of encounters and interactions that clearly convey the shared atmosphere of joy
A happy place.
Another new building will serve as a guest service center with snack bar, gallery and X-
The shape observation table called \"butterfly.
Mimi Hoang and Eric Bunge, partners at nymts, New York: \"The Butterfly-carved roof deck will allow visitors to float on the ground and provide spectacular views [for] Merriwetherconcert venue]
The new amphitheater connects audiences and wonders to an immersive experience under the canopy.
\"In the end, there will be a subtle, high
The science and technology elements of the park, the stage lights and other acoustic enhancements, are the comfort of the Instagram generation.
Raj Patel, acoustic engineer at Arup, a global engineering company: \"Arup is providing creative engineering, working closely with the entire design team to create first-class art experiences, audiences and performers for visitors;
When they enter Merryweather Park, transport them to another world.
\"We are notifying the master plan and individual elements in order to create a performance venue with maximum technical and configuration flexibility that allows any imaginable performance to be presented in any format.
Our structural engineers are working with designers to create wonder and majesty in the structure, inject a sense of movement and motivation, and make the building environment feel permanent and energetic at the same time.
Like the living landscape of the park, it is reflected in the construction.
\"We combine our expertise in acoustics, Audio
Vision and lighting, driven by elements, make the experience passive and Interactive (
Temperature, light, humidity)
At any time of the day, it is activated in front of the audience and interacts with the interface with the mobile device through proximity and.
The purpose is to provide a dynamic, immersive experience for the entire park.
Here, people of all ages and populations can find or create personal experiences that meet their own wishes.
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