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by:Marslite     2019-10-15
It becomes more attractive to save your pocket money.
NatWest is redistributing their famous colorful piggy bank to encourage young people to pack up their coins.
They were originally given away in their 80 s, and if you put enough money in your account to claim the full piggy family, they could now be worth £ 300.
Here, TV antiques expert Mark Hill highlights promotional giveaways that make a lot of money now.
The piggy bank was given away to young account holders 30 years ago.
The baby Woody is a very ordinary person because he is the starting line.
But there were five in total, and the older members of the piggy family were released as the children saved more money.
Sir Nasser is the rarest and you get him if you manage to save 100.
He is worth about 60.
Cousin Wesley released it in 1998, giving only 5,000 examples.
If you have a full family of six piggy banks, the group is worth up to £ 300.
But the collector\'s paradise is a golden wooden piggy bank.
Only 25 of them were created for the NatWest board of directors.
In a game organised like a treasure hunt, several more were given to the public.
I have never seen the real one, I would definitely like it, but there are a lot of fakes out there.
To check if the gold Woody is real, look for a stamp at the bottom of the money bank that says \"1/25\", which is made for the bank.
I think it would be worth about £ 500 if an authentic Golden Wood was sold.
Most of these toys are worth only a few pennies, but collectors are very interested in How to Train Your Dragon Collection.
The films were released in conjunction with the 2010 film of the same name.
If you have a full set of eight numbers that are still in plastic bags, then you may see £ 40.
Burgers are free for a toy.
There are a lot of different homemade food out there, but the best thing to look for is big Fred with a baking pan inside.
In the case of Fred, the size is important, in this range there are a variety of baking utensils, spoons, a small rolling pin and a recipe, etc.
This can buy £ 60 if in good condition.
There is also a spice rack, consisting of a group of miniature Freds, which is worth collecting and worth £ 20. £30.
Big brands like Kellogg and Guinness always do a good job of vintage packaging.
The cookie canisters from 1890 to 1950 are very collectible, especially the cookie canisters of Hunter and Palmer.
They designed a special pattern for the coronation.
There is even a red bus in the shape of London, and the wheels are moving.
They must be in a very good condition, with no cracks and rust, and some examples can buy between £ 500 and £ 1,000.
These delicate yellow and blue fawn are presented to Babycham as promotional items, and as there is a lot around it, it is worth checking the beverage cabinet.
They are fashionable and the people who seem to jump are the most valuable.
The conditions are good. they can sell for £ 40.
Babycham glasses are also fun, but a lot of people have them, so the value of each pair is only about 50 p to 1.
We have Green Shield stamps before we get the Nectar card.
These small stamps are loyalty programs in your 60 s that are distributed when you buy groceries and then exchange prizes.
Carnival Glass is one of the most popular prizesa mass-
The brightly colored glass produced gives off a flashing light as if it had been immersed in gasoline.
Carnival glass is also presented as a prize at the exhibition like today\'s giant teddy bear.
Plates, cups, water bottles and bowls are available, but one of the most valuable items is the folding Bowl, which is available for £ 400 depending on the color and condition.
The light blue singing bird mug is also a great find, worth about £ 120.
Guinness has created a number of very memorable advertising events, especially those created by Gilroy, including animals that prevent zoo administrators from enjoying a pint of beer.
A set of six waistcoat buttons was made, each with a picture of an animal.
A complete set of these, in good condition, can be sold for between 60 and 80.
Even Guinness tasting cups or beer mats in their 30 s to 60 s can be 1 per cup
It\'s good if you have a few.
Most people just throw away these things so they are very rare now and therefore can be collected.
You can buy these quirky, tacky ceramic vases in Woolworth, but when you buy a flower arrangement, most of them are presented at a flower shop.
Think about Grandma visiting aunt Morder for tea and the flowers she might have taken away, and you will know.
They were made to look like a lady\'s head, and the flowers on top of the hat came out of it.
The best examples of these are in good condition, details such as earrings, necklaces and hands with gloves sticking out.
A decent lady head vase can sell for £ 15 to £ 20, but a good example with lots of details can sell for £ 50.
These are like Matt.
You love them or you hate them.
But their retro style attracts collectors.
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