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hugh jackman hurt—and it\'s all oprah\'s fault

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
The ever-
The game and the annoying genius Oz man has come into the show by zipling thousands of people --
The crowds ended up on stage with Oprah.
Or at least, as planned, he should finish everything there.
Instead, he ended his stunt with a bang, at least, we guessed that a black eye, when he was speeding down, collided with a lighting device or a part of the stage.
\"We should have a doctor here,\" Oprah said . \"
\"Let\'s take a break and eat some ice . . . . . . Then fix his eyes.
\"When the stage hand worked hard to get the rocking, injured movie star down, the shooting stopped naturally.
Once on a solid ground he got a towel to cover his bleeding eyes and a glass of red wine to cover his nerves (
Love those Australians)
Filmed by medical staff in the background
There was an obvious wound under his right eye, but his soldiers were bandaged and ordered the camera to roll again to continue his appearance.
\"It was so interesting until the end,\" he joked . \". (See He\'s fine! Exhale, ladies! )
\"I wave to everyone and look at Sydney Harbour and see my dad, the kids and you go pull the brakes and row the boat,\" he explained . \".
Hugh, along with Nicole Kidman, Keith Auburn, Russell Crowe and Steve Owen\'s family, attended Oprah\'s event and was one of many well-known Australians.
Flag for ol \'US. of A.
During the trip is (For some reason)
Bonjo and JayZ.
No one knows if Jackman\'s stunt has a problem with whether or not she will be aired on Oprah Winfrey\'s show sometime next year.
But then again, in any case, if someone had access to YouTube, it wouldn\'t have seen it.
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