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how you can visit europe’s best christmas markets for around £100

by:Marslite     2019-10-14
Hot wine, fairy lights and festive spirit in barrels
It\'s time to book a Christmas holiday.
But you don\'t need to blow your entire Christmas budget;
For about £ 100, many cities can escape.
Europe is the world\'s leader in the traditional Christmas market, with plenty of towns turning into magical winter wonderland.
Whether you want to stock up on gifts or just want to fit into the atmosphere, everyone has something of their own regardless of your budget.
Go to Amsterdam-20-
A Christmas tree
Look at the Berlin market in Europe\'s largest toboggan;
Or go to the skating rink in Brussels.
Here is our selection selected with the help of HolidayGems. co. uk;
So keep reading and find out where the lead isUntil Christmas
Location: main square of Old Town, Time: December 2-
The January 6 Prague Christmas Market is known for its most impressive presence throughout the Czech Republic.
They are also open on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year\'s Day-
Make Prague a great choice for anyone who wants to spend Christmas in a new place.
The market booth itself is a decorated cottage, selling a variety of handmade items, including jewelry, wooden toys and dolls in traditional holiday costumes.
Gourmets will love barbecue sausages known as klobása, sugar-coated pastries called trdelnik and hot wines.
Venue: tilgen Park: November 3-
In December 31, Berlin has a variety of magical Christmas markets, and the favorite of the locals is the winter world in Potsdam Square.
This is the only open market throughout Berlin in early November, featuring Europe\'s largest toboggan!
You can also relax here in the evening with live DJs and ski parties.
Location: in front of the cathedral (
Fira De Santa Llucia in Santa Romania)
November 24-
Barcelona has three main Christmas markets in December 23, held in the city and surrounding villages.
The largest, Fira De Santa Llucia, is held in front of the cathedral and is held every 213.
There are stalls selling decorations, Christmas trees, jewelry, toys, candles, etc.
Unlike many other Christmas markets, the Barcelona market does not follow the typical German style, but is full of Christmas customs and traditions in Catalan.
If you would like to visit another Christmas market during your stay in Barcelona, Fira De Nadal and Fira de Reis de la Gran Via are great options.
Venue: Piazza navasha: December 18-
In January 6, Rome\'s most famous bazaar was filled with hundreds of stalls selling handmade crafts, decorations, toys, characters born of Jesus, and traditional stockings full of candy and black coal.
Actually sugar).
Or visit the Christmas market in Ankara square, where you will find plenty of fair trade products for charity, as well as ice rinks.
Location: Big-
Exchange and surrounding areas: November 24-
On December 31, the Christmas market in Brussels was held in the center of Brussels. it is known as the \"winter miracle \".
This magnificent market includes 200 stalls selling a variety of food, products and souvenirs, an ice rink and some interesting playground attractions.
Including the famous ferris wheel.
Venue: Piazza volromanti: November 10-
In December 31, the Christmas market in Budapest was famous for preserving unique Hungarian traditions and folk art and proud to produce high-quality local handicrafts
Make business souvenirs.
You can taste a lot of hot wine and Hungarian pastries.
Cylindrical \"kurtos kalacs\" including chimney shape \"-
There are street snacks such as sausages and roasted chestnuts.
Next to the cathedral, the second Christmas market in Budapest sells a variety of fine arts and crafts and Hungarian cakes.
There is also a Christmas laser projection on the church wall.
Open from November 24-1 to 2.
Venue: Plaza Mayor square: November 24-
In December 31, the main Christmas market in Madrid has a history of more than 100 years, and there are various stalls available for reading.
Here you will find the scene of the birth of Jesus of the festival, handmade beads and quality crafts, as well as a wide variety of food and drinks.
Indulge in chocolate, caramel nuts, Christmas cookies and dozens of Christmas-themed desserts.
For example, there are several Christmas markets: November 18-
The famous big Christmas tree, Dam Square Market, February 3
20 metres high.
There is also the illuminated Bijenkorf, which symbolizes the Christmas of the city.
The museum and Leidseplein are known for hosting the Amsterdam ice rink, surrounded by plenty of huts and winter bars.
Be sure to try the Dutch special, the fresh olimpon (
Variety of dumplings)
Waffles and sausage stands can be found in the Amsterdam market.
Within the museum market, you can find the winter camp, which opened in December 20, with a variety of unique Christmas decorations and gifts.
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