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how to make a cheap home made par can

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
Used to want to have disco lights in your own home but found them too expensive for what you want? ?
With this project you can build a 46 Rod jar for about $10
15Par cans are the main lights in night clubs, DJs and stage productions, but they can also be used at home to light things up.
The size of the Par tank is measured by Par.
8 \"Par\'s\" is 1 inch. Eg.
64 Rod is 64/8 = 8 Rod 64 Rod is = 8 Rod? do the math)
You can make cans of any size with cans anywhere, you can need: 1 large tin (
This is your standard bar.
Please read in advance before choosing your tin size! ! )
I used my 4L punch-in juice can)
1 power cord with male head (
Insert the end of the Wall)
And Other End bare wire 1 standard lamps (
From your country)
1 100 W bulbspare 240 v Single wire PVC pipe for 2 cm diameter bolts, screws, hot glue, Edelweiss for cooling unit (recommended)
1 tin slightly smaller in diameter than your parcan1 12 v fan242vac-
12VDC converter with cable Thermal glue, Screen 1 st Picture/step: Mark on the tin base where the lamp socket is located.
Try to get it close to the center and also mark the hole you need to drill to hold the lamp holder on the second picture/step: drill a hole you just marked, this way the bolts can be neatly installed in the third picture/step: drill a large enough hole directly in the center so that the power cord can drill a large hole around the tin base in the fourth picture, but they have to be outside the light socket. Picture/step: Flip the jar and pass the rope through the center hole so that it can be inside the jar.
Then peel off the 3 wires and screw them to the appropriate position on the light socket6th Picture/step: add the spare wires with the ground wire.
I\'m using the red line.
Seventh Picture/step: pull the bulb socket back to the tin bottom (
Should be inside now)
Bolt it down with the hole you drilled (
Keep the Red Line missing so it doesn\'t get stuck under the lamp holder, you can get to the end of the eighth Picture/step: drill a hole near the opening end of the jar, woll allows you to run a small bolt through (
Make sure the Red Line goes through that hole)
Ninth Picture/step: place the bare wire of the red line around the head of the bolt, then pass the bolt through the hole from the inside and tighten it with the NUT to make sure the bolt is very tight.
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