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how to create a stage plot for a concert?

by:Marslite     2019-10-01
Building a stage for a concert and really making it successful can be a complex task.
The process involves hundreds of types of equipment and labor to make it look attractive and achieve its purpose.
However, there are a few tips to share with you that you can implement and simplify the whole work that is sometimes associated with the whole process.
The following steps can help you or you complete the whole process more easily.
This is your first step in case you have experience or expertise in making stage plots for a concert.
At different stages you will see certain conventions, so you should be seen when drawing the stage.
When making a setting chart, X represents the chair and the music stand.
Rectangles are used for the riser and their height is shown on the side.
This is a complicated matter that requires the participation of on-site sound engineers.
He will build a similar chart showing the location of the display and the microphone.
It should also include a chart showing which model of microphone will be used.
The numbers should show the microphone position and don\'t forget the light drawing.
This is a list of what each channel will be used for to describe to the engineer. In the left-
On the one hand, there will be ascending numbers showing the channels being used.
In the middle column, you will get a list of all the microphones you ask.
However, the columns in the middle should be flexible as the room may not have all the microphones and they can be replaced when needed.
The input list should also include the effect that the engineer will apply to certain channels.
It is the same to buckle the ball on stage as to put an X mark in the center of the stage. The Cross-
X should be done with gaffer\'s tape or sometimes with paint.
Some other positions on the stage may also require spikes to show the position of the piano and drums.
Getting on stage is one of the most important procedures for stage art.
Another reason to use the dunk is rehearsal, and the stage manager must use thin tape to mark the different positions on the stage to show the key points and arrangements.
If you follow these main steps when creating a stage plot for a concert, you will see how easy the whole process will become.
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