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how midi works

by:Marslite     2019-09-04
There are two basic types of devices for MIDI instruments and controllers to generate MIDI data: MIDI instruments and MIDI controllers.
MIDI instruments, also known as synths, have a variety of shapes and sizes.
Their main features-
Or what\'s the difference between them and MIDI controllers? -
They produce sound and MIDI data.
The classic MIDI synthesizer is an electronic keyboard, similar to a small piano.
When you press the key on the keyboard, you hear a tone.
Most new keyboards have hundreds of different preset instrument sounds and effects to choose from.
However, when you press a key on a MIDI synthesizer, MIDI data is created in addition to creating audible tones.
If you connect your keyboard to your computer, you can record MIDI data to the sorters.
Alternatively, you can connect the keyboard to other devices, such as drum machines or sample machines, and control the device with MIDI commands.
Many traditional instruments have been converted into MIDI synths for years.
Special guitar synthesizer with touch function
Don\'t worry, but sensitive pads.
On a stringed instrument, frets is a raised part of the neck, dividing it into musical fixings.
On the guitar, for example, each fret represents a half-tone.
Some instrument synths look like plastic clarinet, but can play like saxophone.
The complete drum set can consist of MIDI drum pads, cy and high drum setshats.
So what is the MIDI controller?
The MIDI controller looks like a MIDI synthesizer, just it doesn\'t make any sound on its own.
Like a joystick or mouse.
The MIDI controller generates only pure MIDI data explained by the computer or audio-
MIDI synthesizer enabled.
Let\'s use an example.
As we mentioned earlier, the original motivation for the invention of MIDI was that musicians wanted to be able to control multiple electronic instruments from one device.
This device, usually a keyboard, is called a controller.
Different parts of the keyboard can be specified to control different instruments.
Maybe the lower register controls the drum machine, the intermediate register controls the Muger synthesizer, and the upper register plays the electronic flute.
The controller itself does not produce any sound.
It just sends out a MIDI message telling other instruments what to play.
There\'s a dedicated MIDI controller today. -
Mainly keyboard. -
Equipped with multiple knobs and pushes to manipulate the instruments they simulate or control.
These MIDI controllers don\'t have hundreds of pre-loaded sounds and effects because they generate all the audio in a third way
Hardware and software.
Like a MIDI synthesizer, the MIDI controller has a variety of shapes and sizes.
Some MIDI controllers look like guitars, clarinet and drums.
In addition, there are special foot pedals and well-designed control consoles, equipped with dozens of knobs and pushes for professional quality mixing.
During the show there are even special MIDI consoles to control the stage lights.
Now let\'s take a look at the basics of the MIDI sequencer, also known as the multi-sequencer.
Recording software.
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