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how dimmer switches work

by:Marslite     2019-09-12
If you connect a very cheap dimmer switch, you may notice a strange hum.
This is the light bulb filament vibration caused by short cut.
Rising current from triac.
If you have read how the magnet works, you will know that the current flowing through a circle of wires creates a large magnetic field, and the fluctuating current produces a fluctuating magnetic field.
If you have read how the bulb works, you will know that the filament in the center of the bulb is just a winding wire.
So whenever you pass through its current, this curly filament becomes magnetic and the magnetic field fluctuates with the AC current.
The normal fluctuating AC current fluctuates gradually, and the magnetic field also fluctuates. The chopped-
On the other hand, the upward current from the dimmer switch, whenever triac becomes conductive, the voltage jumps suddenly.
A sudden change in voltage will suddenly change the magnetic field, which may cause the filament to vibrate-
It is quickly attracted and repelled by metal arms that are kept in place.
The suddenly moving magnetic field, in addition to producing a soft hum, will also produce a weak radio signal, which may cause interference to the nearby TV or radio!
The better dimmer switch has additional components to suppress the hum.
Generally, the dimmer circuit includes an inductive choke, the length of the wire wrapped around the iron core, and additional interference capacitors.
Both devices can store the charge temporarily and release it later.
This \"extra current\" can eliminate triac-
Reduce hum and radio interference. (
For more information, see how the inductor works and how the capacitor works. )Some high-
The terminal dimmer switch, such as the dimmer switch commonly used in stage lighting, is built around an automatic transformer instead of triac.
The automatic transformer darkens the lamp by reducing the voltage flowing to the light circuit.
Adjustment steps for movable splitters on automatic Transformers-
Darken the lights to different levels.
Since it does not cut off the AC current, this method does not cause the same hum as the triac switch.
There are many other varieties of dimmer switches, including the TouchPad dimmer and the photoelectric dimmer, which can monitor the total amount of light in the room and adjust the dimmer accordingly.
Most of them are built around the same simple idea. -
Cut off the AC current to reduce the total energy supplied to the bulb.
On the most basic level, this is all about it.
For more information about the dimmer switch, including the installation guide, please see the link below.
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