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home staging grows increasingly popular in montreal

by:Marslite     2019-09-12
Imagine walking into an open house and instantly stunned by the perfect decor.
You slide your fingers along the granite countertops in the kitchen and imagine preparing meals happily for years.
Thanks to some clever cooking books and baking utensils, you can almost smell the cookies baked with the children in winter.
You float in the sun-filled living room, where a perfect
The size sofa faces the fireplace comfortably.
Enter the solarium and you have \"oh\" and \"ah\" on your small table for breakfast lunch \".
From there, you enter the restaurant, which is tastefully decorated in warm neutral tones, and a long and inviting table decorated with colored persistent organic pollutants --
It may be red to stimulate appetite.
You whispered, \"Oh, we will have a dinner here . . . . . . \" You call it \"restaurant\" before you know it \".
Because you\'re in love, it happened about 5 minutes later, thanks to the family show. Staging —
Professionally prepare the house, attract as many potential buyers as possible and sell it faster at a higher price-
Increasingly popular in Montreal.
It includes personalized, personalized
Confusion, re-arrangement, and emphasis on the positive are all about making a vital first impression.
Potential buyers usually make decisions within minutes of entering the home.
Buyers who find more than 43 decide whether or not (or not)
Offer within the first 5 minutes. And in a high-supply market (
Think apartments in Montreal)
Sellers need to have an advantage over their competitors.
\"In a hot market, staging helps to get the highest dollar,\" said Stania nunavans of the island --
Became a regional stage designer for real estate agents ten years ago.
\"Every house I sell is my stage.
This is important. ”Montreal-
The regional Realtors and stagers contacted by this article are consistent: staging is becoming more and more popular here.
\"It has a lot to do with the hot real estate market,\" said Joanne Vroom, who has been in the Montreal region for 11 years.
\"In addition, due to the popularity of HGTV, people have more understanding of family staging.
Young people in particular are more willing to accept the concept. ”Montreal-
Sveta Melchuk, a regional stage designer, also praised TV channels like HGTV for promoting business.
She said her staging business has grown by 20 to 25 per year over the past decade, with no signs of slowing down.
Nouwens explained that staging tends to be more common in independent homes, partly because apartments often have a presentation model, which is similar to the purpose of staging.
Independent houses, especially in old communities like the West Island, tend to grow old and need to be updated in order to show better.
However, while the family staging here is on the rise, \"it\'s not typical, unlike Vancouver or Toronto,\" nuvens said.
\"We haven\'t arrived yet.
\"Not all homeowners believe that such a result is worth staging.
Initial consultation with professional stage designers will charge about $250.
The cost of actually hiring a professional stage designer could be between $1,000 and $2,000, but that could go up depending on the seller\'s needs.
For example, a completely empty house may cost more money than a house that is still occupied.
This is also true for families that need painting or repair.
Nouwens explains what homeowners get in this investment \"is not just cleaning up the mess or taking personal photos \".
\"You don\'t want to disinfect the atmosphere, but you do want to create a space where potential buyers can see themselves.
Sometimes this means deleting personal items.
\"But,\" she added, \"it\'s OK to have a few family photos around.
This is a good proof that a family has experienced happiness and love at home.
\"In some cases, stage actors behave a bit like coaches, helping to keep sellers away from emotional attachment to the family.
\"It is sometimes difficult for people to personalize their space, especially if they still live at home,\" Nouwens explains . \".
One can imagine the weight of emotions, especially if the seller is in a major shift in life.
For example, it is difficult to convince someone who is about to move into a retirement community that she needs to take photos of her grandson while still at home.
Nouwens admits that the process can sometimes be like pulling down a band --Aid.
Nouwens concluded: \"The bottom line is the property that sellers need to sell.
Once listed, it becomes a product that should compete with other products in the market by selling and presenting.
\"Personal items were removed and the room was removed
The stage designer can then enter the stage and perform some magic.
\"After I assessed the needs of the family, I made my suggestion and brought props, accessories, works of art, and sometimes furniture to the walls,\" nuvens said.
Sometimes we draw pictures.
If we use the seller\'s furniture, it will be different to re-place it frequently.
In other cases, we will rent furniture for a space.
When some stagers rent furniture and accessories, others, such as Vroom, keep their own supplies warehouse.
You may ask if the staging is really different.
Lori Caramelli said, \"Yes . \" She finally sold her St-
Last year, at the advice of her realtor, Bruno condo launched it.
\"My apartment has been on the market for almost two years and I have passed several agents.
The only suggestion is to reduce the price.
I have done this already, so . . . . . . That was when she hired Andrew Mitchell, the realtor who suggested staging.
\"After that, it was sold in four months,\" Caramelli said . \".
\"Staging makes everything different.
If I knew about it, I would have known about it.
\"Christina Mitchell, who happens to be the sister of a real estate agent, has been working in Caramelli\'s apartment for 15 years.
\"We are from a family of real estate professionals,\" explains Christina Mitchell . \".
\"Although I studied art, I finally chose real estate.
It\'s right for me to stage a family stage.
My artistic background gives me a unique perspective, especially when it comes to using colors to enhance attraction.
\"When we build a house, what we are doing is creating a dream for potential buyers,\" she said.
\"Whether it\'s to impress your guests or to attract potential buyers, here are some of the professional stage designers Tanya Nouwens on how to make your home look\" live here\"
To make your money more cost-effective, make a thorough cleaning for your home.
Outdoor activities are included. Cleanliness (Or missing)
It\'s one of the first things people notice when they walk in.
Potential buyers will equate a clean house with a well.
The house is maintained.
Pretend you are the agent that shows your home.
Enter the front door in the eyes of potential buyers.
In the bedroom, for example, the bed facing the door is more relaxed than seeing a table or shelf.
Make sure all indoor plants have life and moisture.
People like to see the influx of natural light, so open the curtains and blinds.
If you have a show at night, make sure you have plenty of light in each room.
If you turn the restaurant into an office, turn it back to the restaurant.
People don\'t like having to figure out the original purpose of the room.
: But not in de-
Especially in the children\'s room.
Don\'t worry about plush toys on the bed, but make sure there are no scattered clothes around, or your child doesn\'t leave any snacks or food wrappers.
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