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hillary clinton claims victory in puerto rico primary

by:Marslite     2019-09-02
Hillary Clinton\'s claim to win the Democratic presidential primary in Puerto Rico has brought her very close to the number of delegates she needs to win the party\'s nomination.
According to The Associated Press, Clinton led Bernie Sanders in a vote in Puerto Rico on Sunday.
After a blowout victory in the United States on SaturdayS.
According to The Associated Press, with the Viking Islands and Puerto Rico\'s decisive lead, Clinton is now 30 fewer than the 2,383 delegates needed to win the nomination.
\"I support Hillary,\" said the 83-year-old . \"year-
Old Candice.
\"I can\'t wait for the female president.
She\'s one of us.
She is wearing trousers.
If we don\'t think about our own interests, who will?
The role of \"Action 2016 California\" true repentance \"in the election to interfere with Donald Trump\'s Christmas decorations in 2016 @ $149 to move the Melania Trump card into the White House?
Trump\'s senior advisers spoke on the agenda, with more white nationalism in the 2016 campaign. Kenneth mclintoke, a former Democratic National Committee member in Puerto Rico, said that as officials counted the votes by hand and first focused on publishing the results related to the local primary elections on the island.
With the election results of Puerto Rico gradually revealed, Clinton maintained a stable 2-to-
Leading Sanders.
On Sunday night, Clinton posted a tweet celebrating the victory: \"We just won Puerto Rico!
# Gracias a la Isla del Encanto hotel por esta victoria!
\"We just won Puerto Rico!
# Gracias a la Isla del Encanto hotel por esta victoria! pic. twitter. com/D2szaqU3fS—
Hillary Clinton (@ Hillary Clinton)
In June 6, 2016, while Puerto Rican residents were not able to vote in the general election, the island\'s politics could have a backlash in the fall campaign.
Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans have left the island, fled the depressed economy, and many have relocated to the main electoral battlefield in Florida.
Clinton and Sanders both run in California on Sunday, the biggest prize in Tuesday\'s five-state vote.
Clinton said to the enthusiastic crowd in Grand Saint.
Oakland\'s Paul Baptist Church, the country \"is indifferent to the huge price of gun violence,\" while Sanders stops in Los Angeles before an evening rally in San Diego.
\"I\'m sorry to disturb your brunch,\" Sanders said at Mary\'s restaurant in Hamburg, holding a microphone while the disco light was spinning inside.
\"I just want to say that you all know that there is a very important Democratic primary in California on Tuesday.
My hope is that everyone stands up and shows that it\'s too late to build politics.
\"Going into the last important primary day, the California game looks like a virtual throw --up.
In the latest CBS News battlefield follow-up survey, Hillary Clinton
Point lead Bernie Sanders, 49% to 47% as Sanders has closed a double
The digital gap in recent weeks. In New Jersey --
Another big representative award for the night-
Clinton is far ahead, 61% to 34% ahead of Sanders.
Overall, Tuesday night is the time for Clinton to pick enough delegates to get the majority of the seats she needs to nominate.
While those watching the election results in Puerto Rico are concerned about their impact on the Democratic nomination campaign, many voters on the island are focused on the ongoing economic crisis.
Both Sanders and Clinton pledged to help as the island\'s government tries to restructure its $70 billion public debt.
Emanuel Rosa, 29, said: \"This is one of the most important political moments in Puerto Ricoyear-
Old Clinton supporters
\"I am taking action because of the economic crisis.
\"Two weeks before the primary election, Sanders criticized the rescue deal negotiated by the US government. S.
House leaders and the Obama administration are colonial.
Sanders said in a letter to Senate Democratic lawmakers that the House\'s bill to set up a federal control committee and allow some restructuring of the territory\'s $70 billion debt would make the \"bad situation worse\"
He later promised to introduce his own legislation to help the island.
Sanders, who ran a campaign on the island last month, promised to crack down on \"vulture funds\" on Wall Street, saying it would benefit from the financial crisis.
That bill is against.
Democrats, this is not in Puerto Rico\'s best interests, \"said Jorge Gaskins, 67. year-
Support Sanders and old farmers who oppose the Control Committee.
Clinton said she has serious concerns about the power of the committee, but she believes the legislation should move forward, otherwise \"too many Puerto Ricans will continue to suffer \".
\"In the vote on Sunday, Democratic Super representative Andres Lopez was one of the insiders in the party who could vote for the candidates they chose at the summer conference.
But he said on Sunday that he would support Clinton.
Clinton won 1,807 delegates in the primary and caucus sessions;
Sanders has 1,516 people.
Including the Super representative, she has a big lead over Sanders --2,355 to 1,562.
With Lopez\'s support, seven of Puerto Rico\'s super delegates expressed their support for Clinton.
\"It\'s time to concentrate on cracking down on \'El trumpo\',\" he said . \" He is referring to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
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