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heineken live your music bringing the magician, dj yoda, tough love and more to electric picnic

by:Marslite     2019-10-20
This summer, anyone who has experienced the Heineken will broadcast your music live in Longchamp, and they know that people attending the Electric Picnic festival will come and treat them.
Live your music will host a picnic for the first time.
360 degree lighting for over 20 DJs and MCs as well as carbon dioxide cannons
All driven by the crowd.
Over the weekend, the star chart will measure the energy of the crowd by tracking noise levels, body movements and calories.
So, according to Heineken, \"the more energy music lovers release, the more experience they experience \". The music line-
Including Belgian DJ and producer magician, his mix is one of the biggest dance music in a decade. hip-
DJ Yoda who recently worked with Dr. Dre and Banksy;
Plus British DJ duo Love, he was fresh after many appearances at Ibiza club this summer.
Arveene is part of live fashion
House act wishes you a pleasant journey and will also perform in the Heineken live music space, saying: \"When you drop the beat and the crowd gather together to create incredible music moments, this feeling is really irreplaceable.
We are excited to play for the Heineken Audience and live your music space on the Electric Picnic. It’ll be large!
\"In addition, at the scene, people attending the music festival can plan the lighting, visuals and atmosphere in the club, Music Box and range.
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