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\'hamilton\' hits hollywood: here\'s what it took to get the landmark musical to l.a.

by:Marslite     2019-10-15
Hollywood Boulevard, 4: 45 a. m. m.
The sky is charcoal.
Hazy colors, almost empty streets bathed in the jungle of neon signs, in shades of red, orange and green --
W Hollywood Hotel, decor-
Dunkin Donuts times apartment.
Suddenly there was a white spot in the distance. Two 18-
The wheel truck rolls into view under the light.
Trucks without marks can ship produce to nearby restaurants or T-
Shirts from souvenir shops.
But as they rumbled up the Argyle Avenue, a beautifully printed slogan became clear on the side of the truck: \"Let\'s watch the show on the road.
The show is Hamilton.
\"The goods will be part of the set installed on the evening of August at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. 16. Lin-
Manuel Miranda\'s hip
About the hip hop musical of Alexander Hamilton\'s life, the Broadway version of it won 11 Tony awards last year and sparked fans\' frenzy to push the price of resale tickets up to thousands of dollars and is on tour, and the first jump from the city to the city.
Arguably the most anticipated work in the history of American theaterat long last —
Arrived in Los Angeles.
But the thing is this: when those white trucks go back to the parking lot in the pantagus
Dawn is dark, and the \"Hamilton\" national tour is still the first stop at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco.
So, what exactly are these white trucks?
The second \"Hamilton\" tour from New York.
Jason Bassett, production director in charge of all aspects of physical transfer, said that moving production cities to cities is much more complicated than it seems, including efforts of more than 100 people and 14 trucks.
There are at least 42 wardrobe hangboats consisting of eight dresser, two prefabrication, a stapler and a full set of personnel
The people of the times laundry room are working with 513 lighting fixtures, sidecases and a complete
The actor\'s time physical therapist.
Even photocopiers that are part of the company\'s mobile management office will travel with the show.
While the work of \"Hamilton\" on Broadway and Chicago has been fixed on the stage floors and walls of the theater, the journey of \"Hamilton\" must be more flexible, so, it can be packed and moved easily in a few days.
For many touring, this means narrowing down the grandeur of the set, having less furniture on the stage and less background than hard because they are easier to disassemble.
But for Hamilton, said Bassett, miranda\'s creative team, director Thomas Kyle, dance director Andy brankenborough, music director and orchestra Alex lacamore in addition to the actors and staff, hamilton on the road will be an almost identical replica of Hamilton on Broadway.
So instead of reducing the size of the tour, they built the second complete
Stage floor size
The most tedious elements to install-
Props, costumes and other places of interest arrived before.
Hamilton decided, \'We will not compromise.
Because they can afford it.
\"Not all programs are OK,\" Bassett said . \".
\"They decided,\" We want to invest\'
More people, more time, double on the set --
So we get everything of the highest quality, and when the country sees it, they see the same show they see on Broadway.
The setup of \"Hamilton\" is quite simple.
Worn-out wooden cat trails and stairs decorated with heavy ropes represent the early days of New York, with a boatlike quality.
The stage floor, known as the deck, has two concentric turntables that often move the character in the opposite direction.
The trip is considering reducing the set to just one turntable-
Installation is much faster, from city to city-
But that means rearranging the play.
Instead, a new deck has arrived in Los Angeles. A.
In the early days, in addition to many lighting packages, sound packages and other infrastructure such as chain motors, cables and wooden beam entrances supporting the stage.
At the end of the December Los Angeles Olympics. 30, the L. A.
The deck will enter the warehouse temporarily;
Props and costumes will travel to San Diego and the San Francisco deck has been installed in advance.
Then, the two decks jump against each other during the tour.
Bassett explained it all, and now it\'s day on Hollywood Boulevard.
About 30 local moving crew members wearing safety helmets were carrying bulky stage rigging from a truck into new pants that had just laid 6,000 yards, plush red carpet for the first preview of August. 11. A detail-
Directional young people with tortoiseshell glasses and a yellow legal mat guide the movers with one hand while signing a delivery confirmation with the other.
Franklin Swan is with the Hudson Theater, which is carrying out the operation under the guidance of Bassett.
About six boxes of deafening roaron-
The wheels bump on the concrete, filling the loading entrance, while in the background a towering plank shakes on the scaffold --
Like a metal truss.
As Aaron Burr may have pointed out, like Alexander Hamilton, these people are uninterrupted.
If not all the people are young, it must be energetic and hungry.
\"Wow, stable, stable,\" a crew member was in the wind box when carrying the goods.
\"In the end, we have to shorten this time to 15 hours,\" said Bassett . \"
A common practice in large musicals is to install advanced decks.
The national tour of \"evil\", \"Lion King\" and \"Mormon book\" all took their decks to pandage.
Bob Willen, one of today\'s truck drivers, said the \"Hamilton\" set was compared.
As they crossed Los Angeles, he drove the scenes of evil and Phantom of the opera to pantage. A.
He said smartphone photos showing the \"evil\" journey.
\"There are 12 [Wic [advance]
There are 17 \"phantom\" trucks.
\"Anyway, there are only two of them today,\" he said . \". \"Way smaller.
In fact, the third \"Hamilton\" truck will arrive at pantagis later in the morning and another will appear the next day.
A week later, when props, costumes and wigs arrived from San Francisco, one of the most exquisite items would be the crown of King George III, who was carefully blindfolded.
There are about 50 paper props-
Letters and the like
Although not refined, it is an integral part of the story and must be packed into cartons and tracked.
Nick Lugo, general manager of the show, is in charge of mobile 32-
Members of the \"Hamilton\" crew, as well as the core team and musicians.
This means finding housing for more than 60 people in each city.
Many people will live in corporate housing;
Others live with friends or family or spend money on other accommodations.
San Francisco-to-
Los Angeles Mobile is the first jump of the show on a tour of more than 20 stops, scheduled to end in 2020 (
It is expected that the itinerary will continue to expand in the future).
Along the way, \"Hamilton\" has unique challenges.
In a scene, for example, Hamilton\'s wife, Kaya, burned a stack of his letters.
The fire itself is very small.
Actress Solea Pfeiffer throws paper into a bucket that is treated with chemicals that immediately put out the fire.
Still, because the fire regulations are different from the city, unlike the theater, it\'s always a little different to clean up the scene with the local fire captain during rehearsal, Lugo said.
\"Chicago has very strict fire rules that we didn\'t meet in San Francisco,\" he said . \".
\"In Chicago, we have a fire captain for every show.
Lugo said: \"It is also a challenge on the journey.
\"We\'re going to be in Thanksgiving, and most of these kids are not from Los Angeles. A.
\"We have a performance on Friday afternoon, right after Thanksgiving,\" he said . \".
\"So we\'re going to have a big dinner for the cast and crew --the Ham-
We call ourselves Fam.
\"Then the surprise.
In San Francisco, in a preview, a bird on the roof of the ofen museum triggered a fire alarm in front of the curtain and the building had to be evacuated.
Half an audience-
Dressed Actors poured into the streets, delaying the start of the show.
While the events are humorous in retrospect, Lugo says, they can be terrible for the company manager.
\"We are the trouble takers, we are the phones, we have to deal with it immediately.
Because the show must go on all the time.
\"San Francisco and Los Angeles. A.
\"Hamilton\" runs far more than other tourist stations that normally last three to six weeks.
In order to achieve more effective turnover after LA.
Bassett says there may be more chain motors for this set to hang the set and lighting so they can be lifted and loaded faster.
In Broadway and Chicago, horns are hung on the set, which takes time.
In San Francisco and Los Angeles. A.
The speakers are built into the set.
\"Sometimes, it\'s the details that save time,\" Bassett said . \".
All these little things add up.
\"The second national tour will begin in Seattle on February, prompting Hamilton to give each piece a nickname: a show that opens in Los Angeles. A.
This week is the \"trip to Angelika\" after Hamilton\'s sister\"in-law.
The second tour was the \"Philip\'s tour\" after Hamilton\'s son \".
There will be two sets for everyone, spanning across the country to their respective stations.
When the movers bounce on the stage of the pantage and measure the floor with a red laser pointer and tape, Bassett from 2,700-
In the audience of the theater, a computer was opened on his lap.
\"We \'ve done a lot of planning and discussion on every aspect of this, and we\'re working with a very experienced, smart team,\" Bassett said . \".
There was a boom and jingle on the stage.
Then a huge canvas storage box flew through the chain motor in the air and disappeared into the wings of the theater.
\"But you will never really know until you actually start doing it,\" he said . \".
\"This is the first step and a lot of stuff is being tested here to make sure everything is OK.
\"♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦Preview starts on Friday, August.
Wednesday, August is the opening night. 16, ends Dec.
30 Venue: 6233 Hollywood Avenue, Pantages Theater, Hollywood. , L. A. Information: (800)982-2787, www.
Hollywood movies.
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