greece: watch syntagma square\'s green dots and worry

by:Marslite     2019-09-01
June 14 nine o\'clock P. M. Athens Syntagma Square: you can\'t miss Green of dance point;
At dusk, a laser was playing opposite the Grand Bretagne hotel in Syntagma Square, and the crowd shouted: \"below! Underneath!
\"The chant refers to the underground cave that they think connects five people --
A star hotel in the Greek parliament that they want the government to use.
Green Point
Well, they are here to destroy the television network cameras that have been stationed there since May 25, when thousands of young Greek people occupied the square and many other squares across the country to protest the austerity plan.
\"All the media in Greece are owned by the company: people here think it is consistent with the same forces that tear up the country, so there is total hostility to them,\" Anthony explained, a student, as we protected our camera and eyes from the flowing green dots, he was guiding me on the square.
There\'s a politics in a corner. meet\" -
As Antonis said, about 100 people discuss in a sincere circle \"you get 50 answers if you ask 50 people what they want \".
Next to the railing of Parliament, it is a blue nationalist.
The white flag and the orange banner next to it depict a helicopter.
This is by sending a subtle message to the government of Prime Minister George Papandreou --
The invitation to leave Athens in the same way that U. S. troops leave Hanoi, soon.
In another corner of the square, under the exquisite ornamental trees, there is a camp where about 400 people have lived for 21 days.
There are various stalls in the center of the square;
Some organizational things;
Some literary works or grocery shops are sold;
Most booths are just a reference point for party points and temporarily produced banners: \"This is a new democracy \";
\"Dictatorship is not over yet in 1973, but we are ending today\" and so on.
According to Antonis, the new content of the protest is relatively small.
The political nature of many young people who come here every night.
KKE, Greece\'s main communist party, boycotted it;
The left-wing parliamentary party, Synaspismos, is like the anarchy, and there are people here --
But other than that, it\'s notpolitical.
Of course PASOK, the ruling Greek socialist party, does not exist, and nationalists seem to confuse everyone by appearing and becoming the biggest voice (
At least tonight).
Antonis said: \"This is a regime change, no matter what happens to Parliament, no matter what happens to the new austerity budget that will be launched in June 15, no matter what happens on the street, he believes that the large number of camps in the Greek town square marked a huge shift --
From traditional politics.
\"Even on the first day, you \'ve heard people say we can\'t go back to what we were like,\" he said . \".
Demonstrators here plan to block the Greek parliament on Wednesday;
Later in the day, unions calling for a big strike will march to join them.
Their goal is to force individual Socialist MPs in the ruling party to stop opposing or abandoning austerity measures, which the EU has requested as a relief condition for leading the financial documents page (
Life of economic journalists).
But when we\'re all obsessed with the details of hairstyles and hairstyles --
In the debate, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund and so on, thousands of young Greek people are entering-
If it\'s not politics, it\'s an-politics.
They just got out of the mainstream-
Politics, media, etc.
Therefore, the laser damage reported on TV is undisputed.
At nine o\'clock P. M. they sat down and crossed
The legs are on the stone of Syntagma and there is a polite, quiet, large-scale meeting.
They are beyond the stage of talking on paper: this is about specific strategies and other issues and is being moved by the unled masses,Era of ideologySeeing this up-
The first approach, I was impressed by the similarities it had with Glastonbury and the differences with the big union parade.
Young people in southern Europe
In some numbers, if not most --
By disengaging from the political mainstream, shifting down, towards the dull, educated anger that could go in many directions.
European finance ministers are gathering tonight to get closer-
Greek default inevitable
There are many flavors)
It is good to think carefully about the green points of these lasers and their implicit information, that is: we do not even want to appear on your TV screen;
In fact, we would rather break your camera than accept your tightening.
It will be interesting to see how this interacts with the Greek middle class.
Class public opinion. The centre-
In the polls, the New Democratic Party of the right-wing opposition has a high approval rating.
Although 37% will not win the election as directly as the Portuguese President: if there is a hasty election, I will look forward to the same results as Portugal and Spain --
The existence of the Square occupation movement masks a country.
The election level swings to the right.
When I told the protesters that it might happen, their attitude was: we don\'t care.
The New Democracy will come and they will be back soon.
Given that Brussels has effective economic sovereignty, they see no difference between the two sides.
Now, this is just a snapshot. More tomorrow.
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