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furtado booked to help turn off the light in t.o.

by:Marslite     2019-10-16
On the evening of March 29, when the lights around the GTA go out, Nelly Furtado will be on stage at Nathan Phillips Square. The Grammy-
The award-winning singer and the new Canadian Earth Hour ambassador will become the main attraction of the free eco-park
A friendly concert of darkness is welcome.
\"The idea is to celebrate Earth Hour,\" said Paula Lash, who represents the event sponsor Virgin Mobile . \".
\"We want everyone in this city to come out and share their experiences with others.
The concert will begin at 7: 30. m.
But key performers like Furtado will be on stage at 8 in the evening. m.
\"Her song \'Turn Off The Light\' is perfect for the event,\" Lash said . \".
Mayor David Miller said at a press conference that he was \"very happy that we were able to add some of the power of entertainment stars to our drive --
Night under the stars.
\"The commitment of these performers to this very important cause is great.
Toronto people sign up in droves to support the Earth Hour, which confirms and supports our efforts to become the greenest city in North America.
Concert organizers are trying to get the concert to \"unplug\" as much as possible and will power the concert using Bullfrog\'s green renewable energy.
\"We will do everything we can to minimize the power we use,\" Lash said . \".
Other efforts to reduce concert carbon emissions
Nancy roskica, partner manager at the Toronto Environment Office, said the footprint includes the use of LED lights on the stage, designed to achieve zero waste and encourage people to walk or transit.
The city plans to divide hot chocolate, but will require people to bring their own mugs in order to reduce waste.
Biodegradable cups are available for those who forget. All non-
The City Hall\'s basic lights will be turned off within an hour, she said, although the first three floors may need to be kept lit for safety reasons.
\"But the heart of the city will still be very dark,\" she said . \".
The idea behind the concert, Ruscica says, is to create \"a sense of community \".
\"Our goal is to make the Earth Hour more memorable after turning off the lights for an hour.
\"Furtado has joined more and more celebrities, including Kate Blanchett, The Silver Chair and Natalie imbrulia.
This is a great opportunity to hold a concert without plugging in, reading literature by candlelight, or performing theater with lanterns.
If you are planning an Earth Hour event and you would like to invite the public to attend, please send your event message to whatson @ thestar.
There is the ca of Earth Hour in the subject line.
The deadline for submission to our Earth Hour section is Thursday, March 20, at noon.
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