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for the shakespeare theatre company’s props director, one blood is not like another

by:Marslite     2019-09-07
When Shakespeare\'s Jewish debt lender, Sherlock, of The Merchant of Venice, defended his humanity, he raised a counter-question: \"If you sting us, will we not bleed?
\"But even though all of Shakespeare\'s characters may bleed, they don\'t all bleed at Shakespeare\'s theater --
Or at least not the same fake blood.
The theater\'s property director Chris Young mixes a unique version of the important fluid for every bloody scene of each show.
There is no ketchup or red food dye here: Young\'s complex recipes vary depending on the color and fabric of the actor\'s clothes, the nature of the stage lights, and the type of drama damage at hand (
Or legs, or Hearts).
The series of recipes that \"Caesar\" is particularly bloody makes looks like a horrible cocktail menu.
\"Poetry disaster\" calls for a simple half --
Roll of blood (see below)
A tablespoon of water, and the assassination of Caesar takes three.
A cup of reel blood for the quarter, quarter-
One baby shampoo, two teaspoons of glycerin, nine 30-
Strawberries. (In fake-
Blood jargon, \"strawberry\" is not a fruit, but a corner of a sandwich bag filled with liquid. )
\"This is storytelling,\" Young said . \" He joined the theater company in 1990 as a prop craftsman.
\"This is, \'How do you get something realistic as much as you can, and still come out of the costume and not get your cast into chaos?
Most of Young\'s recipes start with scrolls of blood, a commercial product for $3. 75 for a one-ounce bottle (the per-
The price of ounces for large bottles is down, so it is better to buy them in bulk).
It has a dark red \"original\" and a brighter \"arterial\" version, imitating the oxygen-filled blood of a fatal wound, and a brown \"aging\" mixture for scabs.
Fred Blau, a film makeup artist who founded Reel Creations, apparently has some mystery about his blood formula.
If his fake product smashes the actor\'s costume, he will communicate directly with the costume designer who cleans the costume.
Young collects any intelligence he can gather.
\"They told me that soap is like shampoo, not vegetable soap,\" he said of a component in the mixture . \".
Before joining his own plug-in
Young always asks his actors if they have dietary restrictions.
Crispy peanut butter can make your eyes real
Dig a ditch in the Russian drama, but if Russian is allergic to nuts and has a mother\'s problem, it will itch.
Young then adjusted the recipe so that the blood would appear on the actor\'s skin or clothes.
The red color on white cotton looks striking, but if the liquid is too thin, it spreads and turns pink.
In the dark shade, the glow is added to the glycerin, making this important liquid popular.
Different lights can throw the whole calculus down, so Young always tests his own recipes under stage lights.
\"I try not to be covered with blood,\" he said . \"
\"But sometimes I walk around and people say, \'Is that you? \'
Once the young man perfected the recipe, there was a problem of hiding blood before the dramatic violent attacks.
In the kitchen cabinet under the stage, young people store a variety of fluid containers that actors can strategically hide on their bodies.
A character who is hit on his chin may slide a blood SAC on his cheek until the moment he is hit and then bite to spit. (
It\'s safe to put Reel\'s blood in your mouth, but don\'t swallow it).
If the blood bags look realistic, it\'s because they are: Young got them from the former technical director of Arena Stage, who later became a doctor.
There is an actor who can palm his hand and then press a miniature bag on what he calls injured meat.
But when pressed, the bag makes a sound (
\"They actually come from my dog\'s squeaky toys,\" explains Young . \")
Therefore, the actors must arrange the time at the moment of release to match the battle cry.
Actors always need some skill to bleed on stage.
Simulate the exact time of the blow, the scream and release the hidden blood bag.
Yang is still proud of his first show, Richard III, who works at Shakespeare\'s theater.
\"In a scene of tragedy, a body began to bleed. (
The Legend of the renaissance is that if the victim\'s murderer approaches, the wound of the body will open. )
Young and costume designers create a complex pressurized piping system under the costumes of actors.
\"Actually, what is it-
\"There is a lot of motivation,\" Yang said.
\"He just gave his back a little bit. . .
\"When it comes to violence, you want it to look realistic, but not realistic,\" says Young.
\"You want people to be scared for the character, but once they\'re scared for Chris,\" he said, meaning the real person, \"they\'re not in the story.
\"That\'s one of the reasons why theaters usually preview before the main run to get feedback from the audience.
In a work of Macbeth, some viewers found that the killing of the McDuff family was too cruel.
Young has blood on him.
Place the crushing pad on the back of the doll\'s head so that when the actor who plays the killer hits the doll on a concrete bench. . .
\"It\'s actually sound,\" Young said . \".
\"There was a squeaky sound.
\"Another reason to test violent scenes in technical rehearsals and previews is: blood bag spray.
Another particularly violent McWhite, while rehearsing, splashed in the audience in the third row. (
There will be blood. . . )
Some people are dead, though.
Hard theater fans may think that being covered with Shakespeare\'s blood is equivalent to capturing a home run ball in a national game, and most people don\'t like to get their clothes dirty.
So the actors pushed the battle to a higher level.
By the way, if you find fake blood at the show, please contact the wardrobe designer.
They know what to do.
What happens to all the blood after the show?
Once the scroll blood comes out of the jar, it will never come back-
Young\'s hygiene standards are almost as high as those of surgeons.
The jar was sealed and stored in a cool dark place until the violence hit the stage again.
\"It\'s like storing good wine,\" said the young connoisseur . \".
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