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for the love of pentax

by:Marslite     2019-10-04
I have Pentax-
1000 as a \"big gift\" for my mitzvah \".
I still remember the taste of the movie and the sound you had when you took the picture.
There is a very satisfying click on your teeth.
I double in Northwest
Although it is claimed to be a bit bullshit, the major is art.
You can\'t take photography classes unless you\'re an art major, so I did what I had to do.
In fact, I have no intention of completing the professional requirements;
I just wanted to get into the darkroom.
After graduation, I accumulated a piece of leather.
Hundreds of black combinations of extreme \"art\"and-
The White photos are all handmade under the guise of my false profession.
Because my major is performance research. -
The combination of drama and literature makes people avoid the physical rigor of serving on the stage ---
I didn\'t have any moving pictures when I graduated.
Not even a self.
Serious short film
So I put these stills at the heart of my application to the University of Southern California and the New York University Graduate School of Film.
The rejection letters from both schools were very quick.
Anyway, I went to Los Angeles as part of a comedy/impromptu troupe born at the impromptu Olympic Theater in Chicago.
To supplement my sporadic income as a room service attendant/business Actor/SAT tutor, I put Binde K-
1000, and began to shoot the avatar for the actor.
Since I don\'t have a studio and can\'t afford lighting, I promote the advantages of \"natural light\" head photography and rely almost entirely on the extremely shallow depth of field to make these portraits.
The strange thing is that my service is in great demand.
A few years later, in the process of directing multiple filmsgood-
Enough TV pilots, one actor after another, to get into the audition room and hand it to me-the director --
My head shot. -
Former head photographer
Sometimes there will be an interesting \"look at us now\" communication.
Other times, we pretend we don\'t know each other, like an unfortunate refugee --night stand.
When all the film labs in Los Angeles were out of business, I hung up my Pentax.
What people feel about yoga or transcendental meditation is my time in the dark room.
I really equate the decline in my ability to relax with the steady disappearance of the darkroom in our society.
Nothing is more satisfying than looking at the photos you took a few weeks or months ago to slowly appear at the bottom of a dangerous toxic chemical bath.
Since digital technology destroyed everything I once loved about this divine art form, I, frankly, gained my stone in a different, more expensive way.
I design and make TV shows around images in my mind.
The arched window at the end of the White House 1600 Pennsylvania corridor, or the view from the Dumfries sofa to the modern family staircase.
You may guess that they are built for the interesting stories we tell on these sets;
In fact, sometimes the opposite is true.
I imagine these things, share them with collaborators, they become sources of inspiration for stupidity and stupidity, and occasionally ---
If the Internet is not watching--artfulness.
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