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for family theater groups, too, there\'s no business like show business

by:Marslite     2019-10-07
By Georgia Dulak
1973 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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Philip Tocantins, who handles Barton Dustin and Osborne diet Pepsi accounts, accidentally came to work one morning with sequins from his socks. Pink sequins.
When he kicked off his shoes and put his feet on the table, the soles of the socks sparkled, and the colleagues of the advertising company stared at him, and the customer knew why.
\"Then Phil looked at his feet and said, \'Oh God.
\"He recognized the sequels,\" recalls his wife Norin . \" Norin often performs for the Chapa quart troupe, and her costume depends on the sequel, the floor around his house,
This special show is the king of America, a spectacular $6,000 suburban show featuring 80 \"Pagoda headdresses\" with sequins and Tocantins
The ad \"dinner is on the table with clothing in each room, rehearsing until 11 every night. . . ” That was Mrs.
Tocantins discuss family life in a show.
These amateur performers will complain about advertisements.
But deep down they like it.
Their audience worshipped them.
A fan gushed: \"a family like tokantes is the Barrymore family in Westchester . \"
\"Well, Chappaqua; ” he conceded.
The New York State Community Theatre Association says there will be hundreds of such family theater groups performing in school halls, churches, and civic halls this year --
As long as they can attract the audience.
During the octobermay season, the Chappaqua troupe, a 150-member rehearsal in the grain loft, will perform an average of four performances per game for about $3 ,(
In addition to the professional director)
Only in the applause of relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues can they be paid, they will wash the foot lights like a hot bath. (
\"For the \'Gypsy, \'we even pulled our grandparents from Miami. ”)
In front, it all looks healthy.
But in the background, hearing the amateur actor\'s story, the scene can become as exciting as it was in a big time.
They talked about N with enthusiasm. Y.
After the actor broke his right arm on the stage, he turned to the left.
Or someone wearing clothes. J.
An actress made her line a week after her baby was born.
There are many little heroes.
For example, the flu does not make pleasant (N. J. )
Last year, the \"performance ship\" of the music theater \".
\"It\'s almost an epidemic,\" says Charles pinchman, one of its stars . \".
\"The makeup table is filled with Asplin bottles and cough medicines.
\"They talk about broken marriages, broken friendships, angry things and tantrums, not so glamorous.
A husband, who had a star on his locker room door, refused to listen when his wife was sitting in the director\'s chair. And vice versa.
Children who feel the same way about their parents.
Harvey Gardner of Elmwood said: \"This is a divorced couple . \"N. Y. )
Community theater when he goes through the membership roster.
\"He is performing now with another lady.
There are many of them.
Jane Hunt of the same Rockland County company added: \"advertising,\" We are divorced again . \".
Despite the breakdown of their marriage, they and their children are still active in Elmwood.
\"Let\'s face it,\" reflected Herman zukman, president of York, NY. Y.
Community Players.
\"The theater attracts a lot of nervous people.
It either acts as a cement medium or destroys marriage.
Here he suspended his membership list.
\"Well, Morty is divorced from Ellie now, but I don\'t think it has anything to do with the players. . .
\"As for the\" consolidation of the media \", chapaqua noted with pride,\" the marriage of a widow and a lovely divorced woman.
Last season Elmwood was absolutely the crow of \"our resident old maid\" at the wedding, who played a sister in \"arsenic Frost and Old Lace.
The bride did not meet the groom on stage, but she married the groom on stage.
On the set of \"Celebration.
\"It was a wise choice because her company performed at the Lutheran church reconstructed at Nyack Park Street. (
It\'s parallel to Broadway, so they think they\'re \"off Broadway \".
\"When the judge went through the arch into the spotlight, everyone burst into applause,\" Jane Hunt said . \" She witnessed the ceremony from the top of a piano.
She recalled that the stage was filled with flowers, and the staff ran a string of colonial blue porcelain in the aisle.
After the wedding, after the kids, in fact, things can get tricky when the actor in the next locker room is a blood pro.
He is the marketing director of Reader\'s Digest)
He insisted that he would never direct his wife, Mary, or any of their four children, on the chapaqua stage.
\"Oh, I\'m just a chorus . \"
Saul Harris, computer systems analyst at Saul town, specializes in stage lighting, and when he sees his wife playing lesbian in \"No Exit,\" he wants to \"go black \".
\"No, Sol doesn\'t like it because she\'s not a particularly good character,\" explains Isabel Harris . \".
\"But I am not a naive person either. ”Mrs.
When Harris made the \"Critic\'s Choice\" with one of her three sons, he almost forgot his lines.
\"I\'m worried Steven will forget his lines.
He did a beautiful job.
In Huntington (L. I. )
The township troupe, Anna Marie-Feng, a professional actor in his hometown of Frankfurt, has \"no objection\" to the operation of electronic instruments and \"natural ham\" with his diaper syndrome.
\"We just played two 80-year-old people . \"
Wind, who is 47.
\"Makeup, of course.
\"It\'s not so Mr. Duck.
Zuckerman, the well-dressed, silver-haired, 55-year-old team leader of the town of Cambridge, is learning \"how to kiss on stage\" from a local high school English teacher \".
\"We were in the basement where I finished and my wife Edith was ironing,\" said the gentleman. Zuckerman said.
\"Edith said nothing, but she looked up from the board every once in a while.
\"A version of this file was printed on page 55 of the New York edition on October 15, 1973, with the title: for family theater groups, there is no business like the entertainment circle.
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