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foo fighters\' dave grohl chugs beer, falls off stage during recent concert

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
Foo Fighters rock singer Dave Grohl tried to stay calm on stage at a recent concert, but was immediately weakened by spills on stage.
In a video posted to Instagram by concert participants, you can see Grohl walking to the stage while continuing to play the guitar.
He got the attention of someone standing next to the camera and he handed him a Bud Light.
FOO warrior lead singer dave grohl called Trump a \"super jerk\" and said he was \"ashamed of our president\" and grohl tried to put the beer on the Speaker, so that when his hands are occupied by the guitar, he can try to drink beer.
However, before throwing a warning at the wind, picking up the can and blowing it down, he spilled the drink a little.
FOO Fighter, 10-YEAR-
The old boy performed metal band songs at the Missouri concert hall, and fans cheered at the rock scene. n-
But soon I found myself worried.
When Grohl lost his balance and fell off the stage, he took a few steps back to continue playing with his teammates.
Fortunately, the security guard was in place to be able to get him up right away and get him back on stage, where he continued to play as if nothing had happened.
The rock singer looked good and even jogged in his normal position to finish the show.
Beer though-
Without any real injuries, chuhard\'s fans know to keep an eye on Grohl when the stage falls.
Click here to get Fox News APPIn 2015, and when he falls off the 12ft stage and breaks his leg in front of a large group, he is performing with the band in Sweden.
Later, he told The Sun on 2017 that he not only broke the bone, but also tore all the ligaments and dislodged them.
It is commendable that the rock singer overcame the pain and promised that he would come back to finish the concert.
After being taken care of by a medical professional in the background, he somehow sat in his chair and went back outside to finish the show.
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