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first ever concert at notre dame stadium successful despite challenging weather conditions

by:Marslite     2019-09-14
It won\'t be too long before we go back outdoors to enjoy sporting events, concerts and other outdoor activities.
The weather can bring significant risks, but it can also mitigate them.
Officials at the Notre Stadium showed this when they transformed the magnificent stadium into a concert venue in Garth Brooks in October 2018.
Autumn will bring many unpredictable weather conditions to Indiana, especially on the day of the Gareth Brooks concert on October.
A powerful low-voltage system lands over the stadium from 30-
50 miles per hour, heavy rain, even small hail.
The dance desk light and sound equipment are hung high above the stage, and the safety of the attendees, staff and 85,000 expected attendees has received great attention.
After the collapse of the Sugarland concert stage on 2011, which killed seven people and injured 58, weather safety was as important as any other aspect of the event, both before and during the actual event.
In fact, the incident inspired the campaign security alliance to provide resources to better understand the impact of the weather on the event, including the annual bad weather meeting held.
Obtaining important meteorological information is the key to ensuring people\'s safety in outdoor activities.
Through a variety of technology platforms, and sometimes meteorologists
The site can actively monitor the weather conditions and help the activity manager to make the best safety decision for all relevant personnel.
This is particularly important when events attract large crowds to areas where evacuation can be tricky, or when events include large buildings that are susceptible to weather conditions, such as stages and tents.
By obtaining accurate information at the fingertips of the event officer, decisions can be made immediately that help ensure the safety and enjoyment of the participants.
While this can be achieved with remote weather support, many high
Now, profile events also include
As part of the overall safety plan, field meteorologists.
For example, the Notre Stadium uses professional weather solutions, including
On-site weather and reality
All major events, including sporting events, opening ceremonies and concerts now, have time for lightning detection, mobility accessibility and customizable weather alerts.
Brooks\'s concert, Notre Dame de Paris, one
Field meteorologists assist and consult with safety and logistical decision support for all stadium functions related to the concert. “Having an on-
Live meteorologists can stay at the top forever
Changes in weather conditions contribute to the success of the show, \"said Mike Simon, vice president of campus safety and stadium operations at the University of Notre Dame.
Visit this real
In time, localized information allows stadium officials and stage staff to monitor changing weather conditions and make key security decisions with the most accurate information.
For example, on-
On-site meteorologists informed concert officials about the increase in rainfall and wind at around 2 p. m.
Therefore, it was decided to open the tent half an hour in advance for the tailgate party of Trisha Yearwood to allow attendees to enter safely.
With strong winds and heavy rain turning into showers, 7 p is also expected. m.
At the beginning of the concert, officials decided to postpone the concert until 8: 00 in the evening. m.
This decision was made by Notre, event management and stadium management officials with on-
Field meteorologist
\"Meteorologists really try to understand you and your needs.
\"They really care about the safety of activities and never avoid sharing difficult information,\" said Seamon . \".
\"They always want your event to be successful and try to make sure you make the decisions you need to be successful.
\"With additional attention to the weather and thoughtful decisions made by officials, attendees were able to enjoy the concert safely-the ultimate goal for everyone behind the scenes.
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