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fear and loathing on the south west coast path

by:Marslite     2019-10-17
I found it best to let my brief cry disappear earlier in the day.
Between the first and second breakfast.
Before the third breakfast.
My shoes seem to be full of broken glass. My knees throb.
My loyal old opponent, tendonitis, has returned to my lower leg and heel on the right.
On my left, I have tears in my hips and ankles.
My tongue is spotted, swollen and strange.
My lips are tanned.
The substance is dark green and red when I clean my nose.
I was told that my breath was \"rotten\" and the smell on the other end wouldn\'t be sweeter.
Or any of my scents-I haven\'t taken a shower for a week.
But it didn\'t make me sweat the sweaty back.
In fact, I don\'t know why I feel the need for a quick little program to cry.
This may be related to the extreme fatigue and lack of emotion that I am experiencing.
And unremitting efforts for future tasks.
I\'m trying to set the fastest known time (FKT)
On the longest 630 national road in Britain.
Southwest Coast Avenue (miles)SWCP). Why?
Because Mark Townsend, my good friend, suggested it. year-old (
Middle age crisis alert! )
Running like I do, it seems like an irresistible adventure.
Of course I\'m buying it.
It is more than twice the distance I have traveled before.
But the obsession of super marathon runners has pushed you further away.
I started running at five o\'clock A. M. and after sleeping in a van for four to two hours. A nice van. A nearly-
The new mass transit Kombi.
But it\'s still a van, not a bed.
And still not much sleep.
I need to run at least 60 miles a day, preferably more.
But SWCP has 111 (34,000 metres)
Half the time from sea level to Mount Everest.
It can take more than 20 hours to reach my minimum mileage target. In my distant-
A normal table before.
Bound to exist, I will continue to do running daydream.
My running experience tells me that with a reasonable speed and a steeper hike, it is possible to cover a long distance without too much discomfort.
But now that I live in this dream, it feels like a Kraft-style nightmare, I \'ve never really been anywhere on the endless miles.
Maybe I\'m just tired.
On 2013, Markran set up a combined FKT for 14 days, 14 hours and 44 minutes.
After that, Mark Berry dropped the number to 11 days, 8 hours and 15 minutes.
Mark Townsend who works together
Have the PlayStation s Trail running the holiday and want to go back to the record.
He invited me to go together, hoping that at least a new record could be created for both of us.
We leave from Poole at 5.
May 14 at one o\'clock A. M. on Saturday.
Our ambitious plan is to run SWCP in 10 days-an average of 63 miles per day.
But we are worried that the speed will hurt too quickly, so we plan to travel at a sustainable, easy speed of no more than 4 miles per hour.
Not much sleep
Although Mark had a knee problem at first, he won a big victory on the first day.
We punched 66.
When the path goes up and down the first road along the Dorset sea, it falls 5 miles to abertsbury. Tom Jones (not that one)
Our staff were excellent and gave us a feast with his Labrador dog, maintaining a high spirit --
Warm dog.
We will never be so good again.
The next day is totally acceptable if the ruddy hills are 57 years old.
3 miles from Shelton
But the insomnia Mark did not sleep at all for the specified four hours the night before.
Or the next night.
This is not good for trying to recover from several hilly marathons before repeating the mission the next day.
The third day was only 53 miles from Salcombe.
But we think that on a ferry in Dartmouth, our goal is an hour behind.
55 miles on the fourth day, again, far below our 63 miles. mile target.
But we blamed the loss on the tarmac in gray Plymouth, causing foot pain and hiking.
Mark slept at least a little that night. An hour or so.
The fifth day is garbage.
We have traveled more than 250 miles.
Important knees start to make a fuss.
He resigned three times.
I \'ve stuck with it three times and it shouldn\'t be an emotional decision.
We should think about it.
Think of new tactics.
But breaking up is inevitable.
That night, we took a five-hour break in order to heal mark-ah, laziness and depravity.
But we only walked 45 miles a day. Never mind sub-
We are 10 days behind the current FKT.
Mark\'s knee seemed more obedient at the beginning of day six. But by mid-
In the afternoon, only five miles from the midpoint, Mark realized he had to give up.
We walked too slowly. He was gutted.
I feel very sorry for him.
But in fact, it was also liberated from uncertainty.
But there\'s a lot of pressure.
I have to make a FKT now.
A record that few people know, let alone care, has become so important to us.
I have to run 60 miles a day now, otherwise our trip is a waste.
Late at night, it feels like it has run past the giant weird lamp tower from the Lizard Peninsula, their unforgettable siren sound and vast sci-fi
Disco lights filled the sky.
On the seventh day it was beautiful, the beach was stolen from the Mediterranean, and through the desolate land, I saw a fox chasing a rabbit.
But the wrong calculation caused the swing.
I thought I was 60.
Finish a mile and go to bed before midnight as a reward.
Mark suggested 11 more miles.
In the rain, after midnight, alone, on the far wet cliff --
A coat with tired legs and energy?
I lack enthusiasm for this.
We settled in six miles.
I don\'t remember which day I cried for the first time, but it might be that day. I was tired.
This joy-and most of the time very happy;
The magnificent simplicity of running all day in a beautiful place has disappeared.
I miss my children and am sure it is very bad, immoral, parenting to leave them for such a long time.
But crying every morning makes me immediately vent.
My power lasted only 5 seconds, maybe 10 seconds.
A strong release of emotions and frustration, asking for help from the running God.
I will be changed.
Morning is my prime time.
Yesterday\'s troubles will magically disappear.
My body has given in and admitted that this is what it is doing now.
It can run 60 miles a day.
Just need to tell you.
My legs feel great.
I think I can run forever
I\'m a few hours ahead of FKT.
But we hope to be sure.
We want to set a new record worthy of all our efforts.
The Eighth Day from Zennor to Porthcothan is a more friendly coast.
In addition to the cursed dunes, it is more operational.
I had pizza in Newquay, although going to Pizza on Saturday night and being surrounded by what you politely call revelers was a cultural shock.
The ninth day brought bright sunshine and optimism came back.
However, the huge cliffs after atmospheric dingtagel, each one like a separate mountain, slowed me down again, and the frustration came back again.
The goal of 60 miles is a stone mill.
In Bude, later on, I tripped and got close to a jungle of thorns.
But I slept until three o\'clock A. M. , only two hours.
On the 10 th, it was very flat and boring near Bedford and barnpett.
Before dark, I fell asleep on my feet, and my head woke up on the short wall.
But by the time I went to bed at three o\'clock A. M. , I broke it. It was the 60-mile-
Plus the day we \'ve been waiting
This means that the last day may not be that difficult.
I may even end in the light.
I left the VW van for the last time.
The sun shines, and there are celebrations in the air when I relive the precious family --
The same goes for Woolacombe, Illfracombe, the resort of Lynton/Lynmouth, the dazzling Exmoor.
Tom is reporting on social media and getting me excited by sending messages.
I really felt like I was in the game and I won in the last 20 miles.
Well, I ran a little faster than four miles anyway.
I think I might cry at the end of the Minehead I arrived at 8.
On Tuesday, May 24, at nineteen o\'clock P. M. , a new FKT was set for 10 days, 15 hours and 18 minutes-16 hours less than the previous record.
But I left all my tears on the trail.
The sobs of those powers brought me through.
Damien Hall is an outdoor journalist and super marathon runner.
His first book, the year of running, will be published by Aurum later this year.
The pictures are provided by the summit hot media, Tom Jones and hows Trail Holidays that sponsor the trip to Damian.
See www for more information.
Strailrunningdays. co. uk.
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