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falling for the lure of the stage. the backstage.

by:Marslite     2019-09-08
Christian Angel is the ace of high school and grew up in a family that has fun with musicals.
Whenever the school shows, he likes to play in it --
\"Dirty Rotten villain\" of the year, \"hair glue\" of the second year \".
But by his senior year in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, with \"no misbehaving,\" he was eager to indulge his growing interest in him since junior high: He did not want to be in the orchestra, but want to make lights.
Therefore, he put forward the idea by a teacher he respected.
\"He told me, \'You are a moth, not a cockroach. \'\"Soto, 24, said.
You belong to the light, not the background in the dark.
After the injury, he returned to his trumpet and played in the orchestra and had a good time anyway.
Despite this, the teacher\'s contempt was angered.
At the time, as it is now, part of the appeal of the Broadway show to him was trying to figure out how the lighting technology worked.
In the fall of 2016, when his sister Natalie-
Like him, he is a long-time theater geek, but attracted by audio rather than lights --
Start in a new three
The annual technical theater training program of Huandao theater company.
The drama workforce development program is dedicated to leading young New York City residents into back-office careers, aiming to diversify the industry branch, which has historically been dominated by white men.
Sotos is of Puerto Rican origin.
In collaboration with the International Theatre stage employees alliance, the stage hand Alliance, the initiative aims to open up a solid life path that does not require a university degree, allowing researchers to pay for their work while studying. (
But not a union job.
It takes time to join. )
Last fall, after listening to his sister\'s daily highlights
Occasionally text her to ask the teaching artist on his behalfMr.
Soto enters the program. Ms.
Soto, 22, is a lively and outgoing person;
Her brother is a little shy.
But for both of them, it seems to be a way to realize their career dreams.
Well, their, and probably their, brother\'s, Jonathan is the acting artist at home.
\"I have this theory . \"
Soto joked, \"He put the idea of the drama in our minds so that when he travels we can be his crew.
\"There is no shortcut from bridleigh near Staten Island to Midtown Manhattan, where sotos\'s parents bought a house a few years ago. Their two-
Hour route: walk to the bus stop along their quiet street; a 40-
Ferry Terminal (minutes)
There, the sniffing dog may smell a bag before standing around waiting);
Take the Staten Island Ferry to Lower Manhattan in just 25 minutes;
Finally, take the subway to the residential area on a local train.
They always build in the buffer of time.
The project has gone deep into them and others, and many of them have also spent a long time in Manhattan, a strict punctuality.
If the subway is a disaster, it\'s not an excuse to be late, whether it\'s a class or a work call.
This is a version of the purpose that the play must continue.
It is unusual in the drama industry that this program combines training, networking and employment, and life
Skills guidance in budgeting, etc.
Its makeup is also very aggressive and deliberately welcomes people from the ground floor
Background of income.
So far, the two groups of researchers are members of the majority of ethnic minorities.
Soto is mainly female.
When she sees other women dragging equipment in the background, she likes to cheer for them just because they are there.
For macro and micro pressures, the program has built-in-
Support systems come in handy.
There are 12 people on her team.
Only Soto chose the second one.
One year\'s work is to do a more stable commercial exhibition in a company.
When she worked with a designer to create The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson musical, she promised to give her a show with the curved widow. ” (
Other fellows went to the Public Theater, the Abrons Arts Center, the Atlantic Theater Company, the playwright horizon, the St.
Warehouse in Ann and around the island)
Last fall, when the \"curved widow\" announced that it would be closed on November, the first person, Ms.
Soto text Karen Loftus, who is the project manager around the island, arguing with her companions with tenacity and kindness
The dedication of humorMs. Loftus —
She promised to help her find more work.
And the lady.
When she needs to prove that \"freelance technician\" is not the same as \"unemployed\", Soto calls from jury duty. ”Ms.
By the way, Soto has no such problem now.
In May, she has just performed backstage at playwries Horizons\'s popular drama dance country, where she also walks
In character, she walked in the mountains for a summer and took an audio
A video recording of the Utah Opera House and musical theater.
When she returns to New York, she will stay at home for a week before she goes to Red Bank, New York. J.
Spend a year at the two rivers theater.
On January, Sotos sat in the mezzanine of Studio 54 and watched John legizamo\'s Latin History of idiots.
\"They were excited to see a Latino star perform on Broadway and talk about the legacy they shared.
It does resonate strongly with them.
But when the lights came on later, what they wanted to talk about was a misguided light tip and an improperly recorded microphone.
This is what they do: curiosity, enthusiasm, attention to the smallest technical details.
In an interview with Chelsea, in a cafe, the atmosphere adjusted as the afternoon turned into evening, and as the lighting in the room changed, the conversation turned completely to lighting.
They all tried to detect hidden sources of mysterious soft light.
A few weeks later, in Ms.
Mr. Soto started with the dance country. Soto was eagle-
In the audience of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway, he is not only tracking complex effects.
\"The haze is coming,\" he said before the second part, as it floats high.
Then he checked the time on the watch: 15 minutes before the curtain.
Although he knew long ago that he wanted to make a living, the theater was not what he wanted to do.
She thought she would use her career.
When she was a teenager, she imagined she would go to college and study forensic science or genetics.
After graduating from high school, she wanted to take a rest. in 2015, she found a retail job.
But she also spent part of her commute to Brooklyn, where the mother of her best friend hired her to run a soundboard at the community theater.
Thanks for the experience, she didn\'t mind making only $75 for two months of work.
She used it as a clue to her passion.
Again, when she came from a united family
Her father, Michael, works at the Metropolitan Transport Authority, and her mother, Brenda, works at the city\'s Ministry of Education --
It was not until she turned around that she realized that there was such a thing as the stage actors union, or that it was possible to get a reasonable reward to do what she liked.
Now both she and her brother see joining the Union as a target. When Mr.
Soto applied for the program and he studied part-time at Staten Island College to take care of their other autistic brother Mikey.
He has also been considering transferring to Brooklyn College for technical drama.
But the graduation ceremony he recently celebrated was held around the island.
One Saturday morning this month, deep down West 46 Street.
Soto and 15 other people in his group gathered at the black box theater around the island for a ceremony to mark the end of their classroom training.
No hats and dresses;
The graduates are putting on a show, except for short clips when they go through the stage to get a certificate, they will also perform.
They were dressed neatly and casually in black on the stage. Mr.
Soto stands behind and operates a tracking point-
This week, he will start the same job at Atlantic Theater, working on the musical \"this is not a disco,\" the first option for his summer internship.
When Jennifer Harburn, education outreach coordinator for the International Theatre stage employees Alliance, took to the stage to talk to graduates, she mentioned that the New York theater needed supportthe-
Reflect the force of the population scene work.
She quoted Tina Fey as explaining the diversity around the writer\'s room table on \"Saturday Night Live --
\"Not just the actors and writers, but the crew . \"Halpern said —
Changed the dynamics of that room.
\"I invite you to take out what you learned this year,\" she told the graduates, \"and sit at the table with us with your passion and opinions.
\"Sotos plans to involve her.
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