expect epic singalongs and confetti bombs when coldplay play australian stadiums in december

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
Coldplay will return below.
Image: Streeter Leca/Getty Image Source: Getty Images when cool play opens at the Australian summer concert in December, there will be a lot of confetti in the Australian stadium
Their dream-filled trip will begin on December 6 at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, on December 9 at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne and on December 13 at Allianz Stadium in Sydney.
It is reported that later this year, Beyonce and Drake will also look at the outdoor places in Australia.
Cool play dropped the fan\'s favorite game list to them.
Picture: Supply Source: Supply Design returned to the big concert stage in South America after two performances last month
Absent for a year, decided not to support the 2014 ghost story tour, return to the studio and make a dream-filled head that has sold more than 3.
5 million copies worldwide.
Last time the British super group performed for Max Sessions in Australia and the Enmore theater in Sydney, Kylie Milo joined their stage.
Chris Martin also led the band through the streets of inner city.
Shoot colorful celebration videos for their single \"full Star.
The lead singer recently said that the disruption of the international tour once again ignited their enthusiasm to perform in front of thousands of fans around the world.
On 2014, Kelly Milo performed with the Coldplay band at the Enmore theater in Sydney.
Picture: Daniel Boud/supply.
Source: they already have half a million fans at concerts in South and Central America, and they went to Europe and the United States before Australia.
\"Everything in the band has this electrical enjoyment.
Maybe it\'s because we have a list that we really like.
We are comfortable now, \"he told Zane Lowe on beats1.
\"When we give up the idea that we have to fight for everyone, I think it\'s very liberating.
\"Setlist has drawn a dream-filled head from their seventh studio record, including weekend hymns, an amazing day, birds and their latest single 《
Long term fans will be inspired by some of the biggest hits at the beginning of their career, including yellow, clock, fixing you, scientists and Viva La Vida.
Coldplay also opened the show to fan requests.
Just like they had previously made at the stadium on the Mylo Xyloto Tour from 2011 to 2013, a dream-filled concert seemed like a huge explosion of colorful lights and effects, the smaller stage extends to the crowd, bringing fans closer to the show.
Fans will have several different options to buy tickets, starting with the ubiquitous pre-salesale.
American Express pre-Sydney concert
Sales start at noon on May 23, live national pre-
May 26 two o\'clock P. M. on sale at the May 30 two o\'clock P. M. start sale ordinary tickets.
Pre-Melbourne concert by American Express
At noon on May 23, Live Nation pre-
May 26 three o\'clock P. M. on sale at the May 30 two o\'clock P. M. start sale ordinary tickets.
Pre-Brisbane concert by American Express
Sales begin at one o\'clock P. M. on May 23, Live Nation pre-
The sale time is three o\'clock P. M. on May 26, and the general tickets will be available from three o\'clock P. M. on May 30.
Full ticket details, cool to play.
Com or livenation. com.
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