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by:Marslite     2019-09-30
The price of Oslo has even exceeded the city?
Today, the most attractive area of Norway\'s famous capital is located on the outskirts of the city center, in the new fashion district --
Northeast hip Grunerlokka, charming Tjuvholmen in the southwest-
In addition, in the magnificent landscape of the Oslo fjord and the vast northern forest.
Admittedly, there are still the best \"scream\" versions of Norway in the city center
The famous painter, Edward Munch, was born before 150 and celebrated all year round.
But now, more buzz around dazzling architectural landmarks-
The winding art museum and corner opera house opened last year-
The city\'s newer waterfront.
Today, in order to explore the best spots in Oslo, I hope to go around. Friday3 p. m.
This bird has a well of FlownOslo.
The developed coffee culture provides a full opportunity for connoisseurs to analyze the nuances of light roasted coffee beans from local roasters such as Tim Wendell and Solberg and Hansen.
A stylish spot-like kaffe, black coffee, is in Fuglen (
University 2; fuglen. no)
This is a comfortable cafe in medieval Scandinavian design.
Immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of 1960s in vintage sofas and armchairs, which are also sold through the store-attached second-hand furniture store.
Those who can\'t get enough study-
Like settings can come back at night;
The store has doubled as a classic cocktail bar since 2010. This concept—
Espressos by day, old-
Fashion at night
It turns out that Fuglen is very popular, it means \"bird\" in Norway, last year it spread its wings and opened its first international outpost in Tokyo. 4:30 p. m.
Many capital cities have impressive waterfalls within the city.
But this is exactly what you will find in the well.
Coffee, walk along the beautiful trail and embrace the AK River North.
At Bell Bridge, the river flows down the cliff, creating spectacular waterfalls in Mora, forming a short rainbow in foggy waves. 7 p. m.
The kitchen of the colony turned into cooking.
In 2012, the restaurant won two Michelin stars after more than a year of opening.
But there are very few seats and the price is very high.
Instead, head to the upscale Verona community west of the city center, where kolonigan is hidden in the cobblestone courtyard (Frognerveien 33;
Keloni, bronfnerno)
A country restaurant with exposed brick walls and wooden beams.
Restaurant, co-
Owned by the founder of Maaemo, named from the Norwegian garden colony-
Public city grant for garden community-
And get organic local ingredients from the same producer that supplies Maaemo.
Delicious simple seasonal dishes such as wild mushroom soup with black truffles and fire
Roast reindeer with artichokes, cranberries, bean sprouts and marinated radishes.
At dinner.
The change menu includes seven courses (
NOK 745, approximately $130, £ 5.
66 crowns against $1)
Diners can also order from here. 9 p. m.
A pair of music spaces next to the river creek of riverside revival, the stage itself can be said to be as interesting as the performers on the stage.
Yarra Kulturkirken (
The current situation of Hausmannsgate; jakob. no)
It is a deconstructed Church. Its afterlife is a \"cultural Church\" dedicated to various dance, music and theater activities.
In addition to jazz bands and country singers, the space also hosts Sunday events once a weeknight service (
There are stage lights, piano and band performances, more than prayer)
This will resume in September.
A few blocks away is Bla (Brenneriveien 9; blaaoslo. no)
A graffiti like a rabbit.
A covered building that maintains a more eclectic schedule.
In some evenings you will find bingo parties and literary debates; on others, D. J.
And strange electrons.
A popular band playing in a crowded dancing house. 11:30 p. m.
Strange Norwegian breweries are home to a group of small but thriving microbreweries.
To taste these craft beers, head across the river to glenoka, where a pair of fine beer bars have recently been opened.
Start at Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri (
Month of Trondheimsveien;
Schouskjelleren. no)
At the end of 2010, a micro brewery opened a bar in the cellar of Schous Bryggeri, a brewery that had not existed since the 1800 s.
Under the vaulted brick ceiling of the underground bar, try the smooth Thunder Bear Stout (67 kroner).
Grunerlokka Bryghus, a few blocks away (
Door 30B; brygghus. no)
, A bustling hotel where you can taste a glass of beer on the tap, such as the refreshing Kessel pop single hop (64 kroner)
Or choose from nearly 100 bottles on the menu, including many breweries from domestic breweries such as haandbrigeriet, Aegir briggeri and Kinn brSaturday9 a. m.
Fjords escape the city\'s proximity to the pristine Oslo fjord, making it easy to escape the island early in the morning.
Board the ferry (
Schedule of router. no)
In five minutes you will find yourself walking around the nearest island of Hovedoya.
The island has hiking trails, two swimming beaches and more than 1100 centuries of monastery ruins.
On the return trip, pay attention to the sparkling front dotted on the waterfront. 12:30 p. m.
There is Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, and now Oslo has its own food hall, Mathallen (
Maridalsveien 17; mathallenoslo. no).
The Gourmet Hall opened in October, occupying an old brick factory building by the river and gathering more than 30 stalls, shops and restaurants under one (very large)roof.
In the mezzanine, the attention to seasonal local products is most obvious.
Feng Polat (vonporat. no)
Here, the dishes are usually characterized by the food of their peers.
But take a quick bite and pull the stool to the counter of Polsemakeri in Anni (polsemakeri. no)
It\'s also a good butcher of grilled sausage, salad and creamy potato platter (75 kroner). 3 p. m.
Thief Island art ThiefTjuvholmen is the highlight of the city\'s ongoing urban renewal project, which aims to recycle industrial and port areas in the waterfront.
The sparkling area has become a vibrant art district with the heart of the city\'s new construction gems: the Astrup feenley Museum (
Strandpromenaden month; afmuseet. no). This modern-
The Museum of Art reopened in tilted glass in last September. and-
The timber complex designed by Renzo Piano
Inside, provocative Hirst, Murakami and Cindy Sherman (
Entrance, 100 kroner).
Outside the museum, a small sculpture park is dotted with works by Louis Bourgeois, Anesh Kapoor and others.
After the tour, explore the pedestrian street of Tjuvholmen, where several art galleries have occupied the residence.
At the Pushwagner Gallery (
Tjuvholmen allé10; pushwagner. no)
Dazzling Colors and playful pop art from Hariton push Wagner
The pen name of Norwegian famous artist Terje Brofos
Far from Munk. 7:30 p. m.
Enjoy a seafood dinner with Tjuvholmen\'s diverse art offerings, refuel one of the many new dining options in the area.
The most prominent is Hanami (Kanalen 1; hanami. no)
The Fusion restaurant opened in September 2011 and specializes in fresh seafood, mostly from nearby Norwegian waters.
Looking for a table outside the waterfront Avenue, a major person-
Look at the location and order a few plates to share.
Grilled salmon with Roe and basilmiso sauce (159 kroner)
Pleasant, juicy grilled lobster cut in half with sea urchins and foie gras butter (395 kroner)
Positive decadent. 11 p. m.
If you only have one drink, try a small cocktail. 19 (Mollergata 23; no-19. no)
A year ago, the prison opened near its predecessor prison.
The bar is well-served and dimly lit and is a great place to sample Violet hand-adjusted wines by Throndhjems Aquavit, Mardini Rosato, Grand Marnier, kimbali, rosemary and whiskey Ardbeg Uigeadail flambé (121 kroner).
Unless you need to wake up quickly, wait until the morning to calculate the cost of the drink in your home currency. Sunday10:30 a. m.
Just enter the forest hills northwest of the city center on Metro JumpRide line 1 and reach the majestic Holmenkollen ski jump.
Skiers have been racing through here since the 19 th century, but in 2010 the reconstructed version of an iconic building was unveiled.
As the steel curve extends to the sky, modern buildings look more like a work of art than a stadium.
Entrance to the Ski Museum (110 kroner)
Access to the tower and its 360-
Degree landscape in city, fjord and forest. (
Hall Gate Coren ski jump and Museum, 5 kongsewen; holmenkollen. com)1 p. m.
WoodHop in Norway returned to the north of the subway, dropped off at the end of the line, and the quiet Woods took over the subway.
This vast forest, known as Nordmarka, attracts adventurers. round.
Winter, Crossroads
Rural skiers flow on nearby trails;
The warm weather brings mountain bikes and hikers.
Take a quick walk, and then retire to freonelstrom (
Holmenkolveien 200; frognerseteren. no)
A beautiful cottage with restaurants and cafes near the metro station of the same name.
On the terrace, Nogne O from the Norwegian craft brewery (half-
L, 115 crowns)
Enjoy spectacular views.
The New York Times, the first design hotel in Norway to be a \"thief\", opened in January with 119 rooms and suites (Landgangen 1; thethief. com;
From 2,090 crowns. .
Deep blend and rich fabric offset the eyes
Capture works of art, many borrowed from the ASTOP feenley Museum.
Kan Kang (
Maridalsveien 13A; scandichotels. no;
From 590 crowns.
Rooms: There are 149 simple and comfortable rooms.
Free breakfast and WiFiFi, and a 15-
A few minutes walk from the city center.
If you go to cuisineOslo, there are a lot of coffee shops there but also Asian features --
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