eu mergers and takeovers (nov 8)

by:Marslite     2019-09-24
Brussels, November 8Reuters)-
Here is a brief guide to the merger being reviewed by the European Commission and the EU merger process :-
German luxury car makers Daimler and BMW will launch a car
Shared joint venture (approved Nov. 7)—U. S.
Fashion group Michael Kors buys Gianni Versace, an Italian counterpart (approved Nov. 7)—
M & G, a subsidiary of British real estate developer Hammerson and British insurance company Prudential, jointly acquired the sea Cross shopping center (approved Nov. 7)—
Dutch subsidiary of Saudi Arabia Petroleum Corporation (IPO-ARMO. SE)
US overseas Holding Co-operationA.
Acquisition of remaining shares in the Netherlands-
Special Chemicals company based in ARLANXEO HoldingsV. (approved Oct. 25)—
Canada pension scheme Investment Board, Ontario teacher pension scheme board and portfolio manager, Mexico
Holding the owner of the concession for toll roads in Guadalajara, Mexico --Tepic (notified Nov. 5/deadline Dec. 10/simplified)—
Vodafone, a UK mobile phone provider, buys the United StatesS.
Telecom Operations in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Romania (notified Oct.
19/deadline November.
The deadline was extended to December.
After the German cartel office requested a partial review)—
Private equity firm EQT and hearing aid maker Widex will set up a joint venture to bring Widex to Sivantos, the hearing aid division of EQT (notified Oct. 4/deadline Nov.
Withdrawal in 12/10 months. 30)—U. S.
Spirit Aerosystems Holding, aircraft manufacturer, received EU
Supply-based Asco Industrial NV (notified Sept.
The deadline was extended to November.
After the concessions were made by these companies in October. 25)FIRST-
Phase review before deadline
Nidec, an electronics and motor manufacturing company, acquired exclusive control of the United StatesS.
Embraco, a compressor subsidiary of Whirlpool group (notified Oct. 8/deadline Nov. 14)—
DS Smith, a British packaging company, acquired Europac, a Spanish corrugated packaging supplier (notified Sept.
The deadline was extended to November. 14 from Oct.
After DS Smith made concessions—
The Brazilian pulp and paper producer, Susano pappel e Celulose, acquired the Brazilian counterpart, Fibria Celulose (notified Oct. 9/deadline Nov. 15)—
KLIO acquisition of German e-
Book subscription service Skoobe jointly owned by German publishing company Bertelsmann and Hooper Brinck (notified Oct. 9/deadline Nov. 15/simplified)—
Acquisition of Jersey Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. Shire (notified Sept.
28/The deadline was extended from November. 6 to Nov. 20)—
Berge automobile logistics and Spanish logistics services company GEFCO Espana will jointly control a new company
The creation of Spanish dedicated vehicles will integrate and manage the vehicle logistics business and assets of the two companies in Spain (notified Oct.
16/deadline November. 22)—
Steel maker ancelormittal and Japan\'s new Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation acquire the Indian counterpart ISAL steel India (notified Oct.
Deadline November. 23/simplified)—
E EnergyON and SEAS-
NVE established a joint venture charging station for electric vehicles (notified Oct.
Deadline November. 23/simplified)—
Knauf International, a German construction materials company, acquired the modular ceiling business of EMEA and Armstrong World Industries in the Asia-Pacific region (notified Oct.
Deadline November. 23)—
International cable company Liberty Global and its Belgian subsidiary Telenet acquire Belgian publisher De Vijver Media (notified Oct.
The deadline was extended to November. 23 from Nov.
After the Belgian Competition Authority requested to take over the case)—
The German station of the French public sector bank savings bank and the seat (CDC)
Insurance company Swiss Life and French railway company SNCF Group acquired joint control of Fonciere Vesta, a real estate company owned by SNCF subsidiary (notified Oct.
Deadline November. 26/simplified)—U. S.
Battery power holding company\'s battery and portable lighting business under the brand of spectrum (notified Oct.
19/deadline November. 27)—
German machinery and truck trading company Fricke Holding and Jungheinrich will set up a joint venture in the wholesale of truck spare parts (notified Oct.
19/deadline November. 27/simplified)—
Brookfield Asset Management Canada will acquire by buying shares of French real estate firm M Finance Capital and ECLA Paris Massy
Company (notified Oct.
19/deadline November. 27/simplified)—
GETEC Warme & Effizienz, an energy service provider managed by EQT fund management, acquired 50.
1% stake in PionierWerk Hanau, thermal, electric, telecom and Denton services (notified Oct.
22/deadline November. 28/simplified)—
Steel company Aperam Alloys Germany, a subsidiary of Aperam, acquired Dutch material producer from nickel and nickel alloy VDM metal holdings (notified Oct.
Deadline for November. 29)—
The Public Sector Pension Investment Board of Canada, Brookfield Asset Management of Canada, four real estate group of Canada Limited Partnership and BREP Brazil Private Limited jointly control the Brookfield Brazil retail fundnotified Oct.
Deadline for November. 29/simplified)—
Deutsche Telekom will acquire the Dutch business of the Swedish peer Telecom 2 and tie it to the Dutch business T-
Mobile Nederland (
Notice May 2/deadline November. 30)—U. S.
PepsiCo to acquire all outstanding Israeli shares
SodaStream International (based in the United States)notified Oct.
Deadline for November. 30)—
Banks, financial and insurance companies Banca Generali and Saxo bank, the Danish investment bank, jointly controlled a new bank
Created a complete company.
Italian joint venture for online trading and investment services (notified Oct.
25/deadline December. 3/simplified)—U. S.
Blackstone Group and Tele, a British property management company-
Financial Holding Co. , Ltd. network railway infrastructure Co. , Ltd. from British railway infrastructure manager (notified Oct.
26/deadline December. 4/simplified)—
CVC Capital partner, investment fund manager, acquired Recordati, a pharmaceutical company (notified Oct.
26/deadline December. 4)—
Dutch DP World Investments is part of the DP World Group, a global shipping terminal operator in the United Arab Emirates, aiming to acquire exclusive control of Danish company Unifeed, a portfolio company of Nordic Capital, a private equity company in Jersey (notified Oct.
26/deadline December. 04)—U. S.
Centerbridge Partners, an investment management firm, acquired exclusive control over the UK
Headquartered in general medical group (GHG)
Through the indirect acquisition of shares and the modification of greenhouse gas governance arrangements, hospital Topco Co. , Ltd. has become the parent company of greenhouse gases (notified Oct.
Deadline for December. 5/simplified)—
REHAU Verwaltungszentrale, a Swiss trading and purchasing company, takes over MB barter trade and its chemical trading subsidiary (notified Nov. 5/deadline Dec. 10/simplified)—
French tire manufacturer and distributor Michelin acquired exclusive control of Canadian Tire and track manufacturer and distributor Camso Inc.
And its subsidiaries (notified Nov. 5/deadline Dec. 10)—
Insurance provider Generali CEE, a subsidiary of Assicurazioni Generali, acquired direct and sole control over insurance and asset management companies in Slovakia and Croatia, Adriaticnotified Nov. 5/deadline Dec. 10)—ECO-
Investment, Holzindustrie Maresch and Mondi Steti established a joint venture to build and operate a sawmill in the Czech Republic (notified Nov. 5/deadline Dec. 10/simplified)—
The merger of the chemical company Quaker Chemical Company and the Haiden international company of the Indian group (notified Oct.
19/The deadline was extended from November. 27 to Dec.
Companies that offer discounts on the 2 th of 11/3)—
As part of the British group, copper company KME acquired German counterparts MKM Mansfelder Kupfer and messaging GmbH (
Notice June 4/deadline December. 13)—
French aerospace and defense group Thales acquired Franco-
Gemalto, Dutch chip manufacturer (
Notice June 18/deadline January. 8)—
Wieland, German manufacturer of copper products-
Witkey buys flat-plate rolling products from German copper smelter olubis
Notice June 13/deadline January. 17)—
BASF, Germany, acquired the global polyamide business of Solvay, a Belgian chemical company (
Notice May 22/deadline extended to January. 25 from Jan.
After 11, the company asked for more time)—
Siemens merged railway business with Alstom (
Notice June 8/deadline January. 28)—
Tissenk rup, Germany, and Tata Steel, India to set up a steel joint venture (notified Sept.
25/deadline March 19
In-depth investigations began in October. 30)
The European Commission has 25 working days after submitting the first agreementstage review.
It may extend this period by 10 working days to 35 working days to consider the remedy proposed by the company or the request of the EU Member States to deal with the case.
Most of the mergers are approved, but the commission occasionally opens a detailed second
A phase survey with a maximum of 90 working days may be extended to 105 working days.
Under the simplified procedure, the Commission announced the approval of the non-contentious procedure in the first place
Do a phase merge without giving any reason.
Cases may be reclassified as non-simplified -
That is, ordinary first. stage reviews -
Until they are approved. (
Edited by Daphne Psaledakis Vettel McDonald as described in this report)
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