epic theatre and brecht

by:Marslite     2019-10-13
Brecht stagingMulti-rolingMulti-
Roling is an actor who plays more than one role on the stage.
The differences in characters are marked by changes in sound, movements, gestures, and body language, but the audience can clearly see that the same actor plays more than one role.
This means that the audience is more aware that they are watching a show of the event. Cross-
Sex actors are also possible in epic theaters because we don\'t need to pause our doubts. Split-
Multiple actors play the same role.
For example, an actor who plays the main character may rotate from scene to scene.
This maintains the representation of the characters and inhibits the emotional engagement and attachment of the audience.
The simplest suits/costumes/props, costumes and props are kept simple and representative.
The refined costume may mean that the sense of drama that pretends to be something else has disappeared.
Brecht does believe that historicism is a practice of frenden. Although mise-en-
There are very few settings for Sene or stage, and there is always a authenticity of the production elements, except for a little sound and light.
For example, mother of courage, in the works of the National Theater, is filled with realistic props needed for the authenticity of mother of courage.
According to Brecht, the shopping cart is the fifth member of the family, so there are some examples of props as important as the characters in his play.
A project can be used in many ways.
A suitcase can turn into a table, a door, or a bomb.
Lightingbrecht believes to keep the lighting simple because he does not want the production value to mask the information of the work.
He believes that he will use dazzling white light when this lights up the truth.
Many modern products, however, do use lighting effects.
It is important that the audience will still see the theater, so they will often see the production staff on the stage, such as the back office staff, instead of hiding on the stage.
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