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dragons, damsels and dinner at taiwan puppet eatery

by:Marslite     2019-10-10
TAIPEI (Reuters Life! )-
Witness epic battles
Close contact with peopleEat monsters
Watch the Knight fall in love with the princess-
Dine at a puppet show restaurant in Taipei and you will find everything goes well. Taiwan’s See-
Join the puppet troupe restaurant, which serves local cuisine in addition to the island\'s rich puppet tradition, which spans 30 years.
In a humble-
The room dining room is hidden in a narrow alley, with the front window showing nearly 100 puppets, supporting more than 20 wooden characters next to the table, showing customers fried squid and chopped chicken.
A colorful stage was set up in front of rows of wooden tables and chairs.
Rehearsal adds spice to the meal on weekdays and shows are held most weekends.
\"In urban areas, there are fewer traditional puppet shows,\" said restaurant owner Bill Chen . \" He stressed the need to talk to his clients to build businesses that are sometimes poorly run.
\"So I offer this restaurant for puppet lovers like me or foreign tourists interested in Taiwan\'s traditional culture, which makes the show more approachable,\" he told Reuters Television . \".
Taiwanese puppets come from Fujian province near China.
Since then, Taiwan has developed the craft of the People\'s March.
Large puppets and regular professional performances by local puppet professionals in all cities on the island.
But with fewer performances in busy cities such as Taipei, Chen, a puppet fan for the past 20 years, has decided to perform in person.
Chen wrote the story script and designed lighting and sound effects that are more suitable for the restaurant environment, which involves a lot of interaction with customers.
In some cases, he insisted on the tradition of puppets.
In other cases, he tried a new form.
Other members of the restaurant puppet troupe, including theater students, factory workers and sales staff, are keen to keep the art form alive in Taiwan.
\"Puppet shows from Taiwan are not common, and the art industry will soon decrease.
This is a very special art . \"da.
In the performance of the restaurant, the puppet directly talked to the audience, walked out of the stage and shook hands friendly.
The puppets also have a birthday party.
300 T tickets for the night of the show ($10).
Customers also have the opportunity to learn the techniques used to operate puppets.
Taipei restaurant-
The theater has made even greater efforts in Yunlin County, southern Taiwan, to revitalize the puppet show by inviting foreigners to participate in outdoor performances, as one of its historical pillar businesses, the piri puppet theater sells to other countries
Many of his customers, Chen said, are foreigners who are keen to absorb Taiwanese culture, but locals will also appear to relive childhood memories.
\"When I was in junior high school, I watched the piri puppet show at 6: 00 after school. I really cherish these memories,\" said dinner year Jia. yu. See-
Join the puppet theater restaurant No.
No. 7, Lane 106, Yitong Street, Taipei (
Supplementary Report by Ralph Jennings, editor Miral Fahmy)
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