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dj bars get a manhattan-style makeover

by:Marslite     2019-10-12
Do you remember when the DJ bar felt like a brave new world?
It\'s like a nightclub, we think.
But better drinks.
You can sit down.
Soon, however, even the humble chain of bars like thin lines was booking crappy local record labels to give their venues a cool vibe.
Now, it seems that almost all the \"fashion\" bars in London have a label T-
Shirt for a week
The old beard plays the funky house in a corner and the whole concept starts to look a little tired.
Fortunately, some obvious exceptions to the mediocre excess have begun to emerge.
For example, north London has found the DJ bar and the excellent DJ bar it has always wanted (
If it hits quite Now)
Locke pub in Camden
Recently, a big cold House at King\'s Cross station let the flag and its lovely three flags fly north. storey, multi-
On Friday and Saturday, the rooms in Georgia swing from noon to four o\'clock A. M.
The East fought back against Sosho, the Tabernacle and the T Bar in Shoreditch.
The money saved, I think, was spent proudly standing on the fat Funktion 1 speakers around this dance mall.
Take a look at this Saturday\'s sound night and you\'ll taste tough electronics as Sydney\'s Ben Cober gets to the deck.
The last time I saw Ben was at a family party in Oz.
He wore a builder\'s helmet and Wellington Manor.
It\'s hard to explain why in the cold weather, but believe me, it seems perfectly reasonable at six o\'clock A. M. in the sunny Sydney morning.
Now, with the transformation of another ground-breaking DJ bar, this road is being opened up in southern London.
White House in Clapham
Opening this weekend, it\'s clear that January manager Roberts has a good idea for the next step in the development of the DJ bar.
Very simple, they became \"Manhattan\" style clubs.
The exquisite dining menu is missing and replaced by a light bite of snacks.
There is a brand new dance floor on the second floor, and the dance floor downstairs has an updated DJ booth and a powerful sound system.
There is a cocktail club here.
Comfortable seat combined with chest
Harsh bass.
It can be said that this is London nightlife revolution of Next
Stylish \"club bar \".
It is exciting to see these changes.
The bar owner believes that when all we really want is a sexier, smarter place to dance all night, we will enjoy luxurious food and table service.
The power of the people prevailed.
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