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disco flashback: funkytown resurrects memories of montreal in the 1970s

by:Marslite     2019-08-31
Thanks to the film, many Montreal disco fans have flashed back.
I was a little young in my 1970 s.
I remember the whole disco.
Rock \"debate and feel embarrassed for my brother\'s collection of disco albums.
But I don\'t know that Montreal is second only to New York City in disco music.
I was curious about the time and returned to the past.
The first photo above shows the famous lime light disco in Montreal (
Known as starlight in a movie)on Stanley St. in the 1970s;
The second picture is the building today.
The lime lamp is replaced by a place called lime lamp, which is more (
Both stretched out to the top of the building).
The officer provided the history of the disco, including many wonderful photos of the interior and exterior.
It can be seen from the newspaper File: Gloria Gena, which includes references to lime lights. “French-
A bartender from Discolight said that the English tiff in the disco is not very common, because too much energy and frustration often puts you in the dance . . . . . . \"-A mentioned that James Brown was booked
Engagement on the evening of lime light.
-At the time, an article about who was inspired by the lime light was written in Le domir. (
Petrowski now in La Presse, Funkytown).
The constitutional colleague Brendan Kelly has been writing about the Funkytown and Montreal 1970 disco scene.
An hour later, Richard Burnett was also writing about in.
Also, check out John woolverley and Funkytownon from Montreal\'s Cool Men\'s blog.
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