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diana - the truth

by:Marslite     2019-09-17
Diana-truth,. . . ?
For the staunch supporters of British pride and moral values, there is nothing more humiliating for the country than the black-clad Queen facing the crowd and working desperately with Prince Philip to protect her integrity.
The Duke\'s repeated words \"She is the Queen\" appear empty in an atmosphere full of hatred, and any queen can avoid it at all costs.
Instead, she stands there in a way and form that she never imagined, just like those who don\'t know her enough.
This reminds people of the public Stone of the latter.
How exactly does it do all this?
How could the Queen and Prince Philip be so vilified by accidental death or the assassination of the wife of the waiting heir, Prince Charles?
But on that day, the crowd and most people in the world thought that the mother of the waiting heir, the Princess of martyrdom, had to take revenge. For what ?
Today, it is becoming more and more obvious that if one day does not happen, it will beg for another day to happen.
All members of the royal family have been aware of the vague power to rule their fate, and they appear around them in some way without being able to determine the source of the objection.
The Queen herself has said that, just as the recent pope talks about Satan among them, there is evil power around.
Despite the international propaganda that made her famous, her unique behavior seemed to go against authority and portray her as a humble and helpful person, with Princess Diana being selfish and self-indulgent and showing near-naive indifference.
Diana is a good girl, but I think she lacks an understanding of anything more complicated than everyday life.
With the publicity gimmicks of the photographer and the news show very clear, she will lose the concept and commitment.
However, although she can\'t see the obvious difference between her and the people she sponsorsg.
Mother Teresa can\'t even afford a simple set of clothes, and hundreds of mouths are eaten and died every day due to preventable diseases.
Her propaganda will create valuable information about the work of this truly incredible warrior, and may fund her, but that is not the point.
Mother Teresa and the AIDS victims do benefit, but perhaps something else will make more sense than drama footage.
Princess Diana did not do anything that other charity women did not do, nor did she sponsor so many touching social events as many other well-educated people do every day across the country.
The difference is the media exposure, as she starts to watch part of Hollywood idol, which means the media\'s attention, which will put her life in danger.
Great Religious figures also pursued the rich and famous people of the time, the reason and the Holy.
Teresa of Avila suffered a lot with these people who treated her as a servant, but they were able to sponsor buildings and gifts, which made the movement possible.
Diana may have seen her charity request as a means to show people who are not as sympathetic and popular as she is.
We know that at some point Diana felt that she was given supernatural power, began to attract the crowd, and gave strength to those who benefited from her attention and emotions.
In this intensive campaign, it seems that her husband doesn\'t care what height is raised and what is her main motivation?
For those who have known her since childhood, this sudden burst of ambition fever seems to start from scratch, and it is important to understand how it is consolidated to such a wonderful point.
When the world around her seems to collapse, the Princess has begun to acquire new channels of expression, but, what matters is the love of her husband, or will a potential future king and a relationship with Camilla reject her award?
I take the liberty of saying that, by definition, it is both a refusal and a clear understanding that she will never be a queen.
On the contrary, her child will bypass her, as it seems to be happening, and she will become something like a queen\'s mother, and even the late holder of the title will not like it at all.
Diana was driven by a romantic dream because of her sensitive makeup and her entire horizon was full of miracles.
For example, many visions like Gandhi will inevitably go wrong like him, but in the process of rising, a whole country can win praise with all the emotional power it can bring.
Many have changed the course of history, and Princess Diana has actually changed the course of the monarchy in her own way.
Seeing the Queen bend almost twice as much in the past of the coffin, a humble act that puts wings on a lot of speculation, this is just one of the remarkable indicators that makes people wonder if the Queen is trying to say something different in doing so.
This is not the kind of rich expression that people can relate to the very subtle and unobtrusive behavior that her own mother instilled in her.
This extraordinary gesture and her public announcement of the value of the work the Princess has done have made her a credible and soft figure she portrayed today.
The world knows she has reservations, but interestingly, Diana, an innocent girl who doesn\'t have time to grow up, even reaches out in death and touches the Queen in a strange way.
It is a helpless message that she knows the danger will destroy her, but she will try to ignore the danger.
I can say that the work she does for those who can\'t help themselves, be credible, and be born out of love, but when we look at her in the face of the challenges of her personal desires, it will extend.
For the Queen, the nature of this change has made her completely humble as never before, and this is Balmoral\'s dramatic final moment as a whole country and as a whole, the world stands up and acknowledges an invisible force that suddenly appears to rise from anywhere.
A movie that shook the world.
Helen Millen\'s film brings us closer to those incredible last moments as the family realizes that there is extraordinary power in the parade that can and will surpass her and the Crown itself.
The warning that the emotional tsunami is coming and will sweep everything is not immediately considered correct.
This will require something very a priori to inspire the Queen to meet the challenge and to merge with the increasingly active events.
Not only did the Queen feel the awesome challenge they represented, but for some mysterious reason, on the day of the Balmoral mountains, when she almost fully accepted the decision, she leaves or stays where she is, and when her car leaves her trapped midstream, she feels like a person who has been abandoned.
Few people will understand what is going on, but even scientists and cool-headed skeptics will think twice and think that the meaning of this sublime, almost divine thing does not exist. The appearance of the Royal Bucks against the sky, she looked at the Queen\'s own pain with such awe-inspiring silence.
It goes against the notion of coincidence, especially given that it is tracked and disappeared as it enters the death Portal.
Almost as usual, these cases (
Jung tried to generalize in his theory)
Because someone said something or something.
The Queen was fascinated by the sheer beauty of the whole experience, which she had to happily express in this case, and which told us more about the Queen, and the absurd attempt to link her with Diana\'s misfortune.
Even if Prince Charles is the ideal groom, once we get closer to a better understanding of Princess Diana and why she did these things, it may have little impact on the end result she did.
Dancing like a mounted police on stage and putting her awkward husband on the stupid line, it\'s not as rich as people understand it, and of course it\'s not with Prince Charles, Prince Charles can\'t
Why did she do this?
Can\'t assume a strict code?
A girl was left with her own equipment in her childhood, mostly alone, and she has seen too much?
The Girl I Used To Know was being pursued by a caddish grocery store owner at Dolphin Square, and although her simple-minded colleague fell in love with her, she didn\'t go anywhere at all.
She made it clear that it was a waste of time for him, but perhaps at that time she knew that the eyes of the world would soon be on her.
However, I don\'t think sex is really important in her world.
I was surprised to hear about her experiences and inferred that there was something more than desire there.
Comparing this moment with a relatively short period of time after that is a dramatic change, and this dignified and nervous girl enters a fairy-tale journey of joy, this is only because she is considered a future heir to the British throne.
This means putting on tiyaras, filled with diamonds, and reaching out a helping hand to the crazy eyes of the seduced citizens.
Like the fairy godmother, she will wander on a world stage, in a crowd that doesn\'t seem to appreciate her rich presence at first.
This enabled the young noble to give gifts and dedicate her life to the cause of the people and even cure the disease.
Mary Poppins will be very proud of her, but, a lonely and mentally broken girl with basic ideas and lack of professional skills about life, what else can really explain it all
If she saw it in the appropriate context, she would shy away from her harsh measures and perhaps ask for time to see how it would work before taking the risk.
On the contrary, it is easy to see that her brothers, sisters and fathers will express every compliment and cover up the real problem while thinking about what this means to the family.
Her family is already well versed in heritage issues, even the royal family, due to their pedigree.
The largest male will inherit all the considerable estate, a sister married to the Queen\'s private secretary, and Diana will become the Queen\'s spouse and continue the royal estate.
It\'s not bad in the suburbs of Schleswig holstier.
However, from what I know about Diana, Diana did not start thinking about the royal family, although the Spencer family has such an important family tree.
There is no doubt that she understands that a future husband may not be able to inherit the throne.
She entered the rare atmosphere of the imprisoned public figure at the top of the highest behemoth in this elegant country and did not notice its sacrifice.
She would even accept the theoretical and artificial environment designed to maintain family mystery, but for this girl who grew up with them too much, radical doing and not doing would never make sense.
Diana Spencer was a problem from the beginning.
She will have difficulties as long as they are not in the package she expects.
She is a timid, frightened girl, but with a fierce pride.
In addition to true love and family intimacy, she does not lack attention or personal entertainment, nor does she lack most of the things that people expect in relatively normal families.
Her mother is daunting. Her father is the father of everyone.
However, Diana is unprepared for the broken family, which will take her stubborn mother to the other side of the Earth, and therefore not often seen.
Nor would she expect her to bring in someone who Diana never agreed to do it by his side and on her own territory.
She will never forgive her mother.
Who left when she was a child)
She has shown this publicly, though, and her father\'s chosen partner puts him at risk of further isolating her.
Diana is not a great reader, or happens to be interested in anything but understanding her relationship, and by making people laugh and be happy as a form of acceptance to bury herself as the future mother of the King of England for many years, there is no denying the importance of her own.
This secure crystal high-foot cup of longing and new discovery is not a trembling hand that asks to hold it.
She clenched her teeth and made it clear to herself that no one would take that dream away and that they would not exist if they did not respond to her wishes.
Maybe she learned from Mrs. Dartmouth. Rayne)
Her new stepmother and the weakness of her father, after her mother refused them, her father became more important to his children.
For Diana, people who really need her will accept it all.
In this regard, the need for her to be the mainstay of her extraordinary leap in public as a victim and champion against those who belittle her for any reason.
She will give the heirs promised by the country, who in turn will also have shares, which will enable her to control her fate in the presence or absence of her weak and treacherous husband.
Princess Diana will be a problem too far away and she can\'t move in any other direction (
Taking into account her emotional composition, including frequent irritability)
When a senior assistant at the Palace asked me what I thought about marriage, I had to express my doubts.
They were as open as possible without expressing the alarm that might upset my friend and Diana\'s sister\'s godmother-one who often stood by the Queen and kept her overnight in Hampshire.
I do say enough, however, to suggest that I think the future of the monarchy will end, which is a disastrous option for the Prince.
I made her object to a little bit of my knowledge of Prince Charles (
Only once in Avignon)
According to the goodwill comments of some of his collaborators, they later avoided Princess Diana for fear of standing on the wrong side of Prince Charles.
The train on the side, Kitsch media exposure and other attempts to create a completely false image suggest that he is a suspicious fate with serious personality problems.
He seems to have exposed an embarrassment that is very inappropriate in the new royal image.
His back seems to appear frequently in photographic news reports, and of course it is not appropriate on the balcony of the palace, because he bends down and his legs are akimbo, giving a tango kiss, if there is anything to judge human.
The seaside bathing prank on his private detective\'s shoulder is just another faux pas.
Charles came over in a way that would be his petard if something went wrong with his charming princess.
If I know any group too well, I know editors, Mill photographers and journalists --
I have never had anything more cynical.
That kind of relaxation in the eyes of the media is the gunpowder in the hands of these real operators, as I found myself on my royal tour.
My business achievements and personal lifestyle will make me the goal of pursuing this profession, which will eventually make me a diligent writer.
However, there were very few reporters at the time, and this photo should have sounded the alarm in the royal family from the beginning.
Unlike these disaster chasers, it seems like a sin, and I am something they are not prepared to entertain.
Their gossip and habits are their own and there is no room on the table for someone who seems to be better than they continue to use the camera.
The royal relationship is doomed to fail, though in retrospect Providence always seems to find the trump card in the weirdest occasion and form.
As a public relations practitioner, in the early days of life, as a director of the Alliance of monarchs, having some experience as a royal heir, I realized that it was impossible for him to marry anyone other than a member of the European royal family, that night, when we gathered in the Palace of the Duke of Luxembourg, my idea was that the conversation about the Astrid of Belgium about Prince Charles meeting her in the place where we actually stood was very restrained.
I chatted with a Spanish lady, waiting for the late Queen Fabio of Belgium, who told me that Charles would fly into the courtyard by helicopter.
We were standing to eat and drink, hoping to meet him and maybe have a chance to learn more about what was going on behind the scenes, but it never happened even though he was going to be watched by huge media.
There is no doubt that some of the institutions inside and outside the palace have destroyed me now tend to believe that there is a lot to make sure that it is not destroyed, and sadly, on such a stupid question, for example, minor religious differences, which do not matter in the record of any event, even if it never reaches anywhere.
Small changes and great denial know what I now know about the history and origin of the Christian faith, which makes me blood boil, and it may really be a problem when the differences are so vague
I would even say that inserting a suitable clause into the marriage contract could be left to the future heir to the British throne when he or she is an adult.
The Duke of Norfolk is in charge of the Catholic community, while a humble Archbishop of Canterbury is by the Queen\'s side, and such a consensus will be easy and productive.
Surprisingly, like Princess Diana, Princess astleigh has also received very similar sponsorship and has done very well in this regard.
Perhaps in the early stages of Diana\'s marriage, a heavy list of official duties would leave her from the marriage pedestal and give her a privacy corridor to see the better side of her public commitment
As the British monarchy acquiesced in its connection with the legend of King Arthur and Joseph of alamicia, the new Princess Diana would be immersed in all the connotations, it\'s not surprising to start drifting into an unreal and magical world.
All the symbols are included in mountbutton, Barton Berg ,(
The legend of King Arthur Baden)-
Where did Prince Charles dip his broken arm? (
At the instigation of Diana? )-
Not to mention Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Family, and Cornwall of Celtic Nova Magae in the Glastonbury area, the husband of Jesus\'s grandfather seems to belong to this tribe (
According to some writers in the book, such as \"Does Wigan Mary live and die in England? ).
There is no doubt that all this captures the imagination of the young princess suddenly rushing into the open marriage bed.
The esoteric rumors about members of the royal family also point to their descendants, and whether Princess Diana will be shown all these connotations and medieval romance, to find out that all this will be blown away from the beginning of the derailment?
The monarchy is not as simple as it seems, it is its delicate cultural atmosphere that enables it to provide the kind of leadership that simple elections will never produce.
If bureaucracy can be called the Guardian of future generations, then the royal tradition can also be called the Guardian of future generations.
This means the continuation and accumulation of knowledge and historical authenticity.
Because of Diana\'s erratic and romantic nature, she was not even prepared to consider such a thing.
The marriage was her land of the future heir, her succession to the mysterious throne, and her own version of serving the people of the world.
How all this was translated in her mind, it is not difficult to see that perhaps she even thought that her knowledge of these things was more than the shocking forbearance that she was forced to live.
A very personal friend said she had mentioned a princess of the Holy Grail.
How much fable material an experienced father read to her during her infancy was also a question mark, but I suspect he made sure he had the opportunity to read to her before going to bed and while she was sitting on her lap.
He seems to be closer to her mother, Frances schder Kidd, than his daughter, who left him for Australia, and her marriage once left her for England.
Future media coverage will reveal the disturbing rift between mother and daughter, just like another rift between her own famous high-living brother.
Diana never told him, and the communication between them was zero.
It is therefore particularly distressing that, in his eulogy to the world, he should blame anything other than his own family illness. Mrs.
Shand Kydd complained that after Diana\'s death, she was frozen by the palace, and perhaps there were materials that had not yet arrived during the day.
The connotation of Magdalene.
It is worth mentioning that according to the documents they obtained, Magdala became the Royal God of the Templar.
They call her \"Virgin Mary\" because she is against the confession label that the church is always associated with her, which seems to hide the teachings of speculation that are not properly understood.
Princess Diana thrive on these things, and even alternative medicine is a form of finding the Holy Grail and Lady of the lake.
The entire fairy tale concept of the Holy Grail legend became a symbolic reality at the time of her death, in the island lake of her family heritage and Floral Association, she teamed up with the royal mother, deep-rooted in the collective consciousness of people all over the world.
The key notes are there, and the girl in trouble in the game against the power giant does the rest.
The People\'s Princess Diana is a strange attribute, almost contradictory, but it is this inner and exciting combination that resonates with the public.
Diana will not understand the background of the \"new court love religion\" brought by the Knight from the east, because they are associated with the alternative life and death of the Christian founder and his father with a misunderstood belief that has nothing to do with the Jewish revelation.
This is based on all the Muslim concepts of Phoenician religious thought that love the state of Isa, so close to the Etruscans and their festivals that love nature.
If Jesus had a problem, they lay among the Lords and Ladies of this land as privileged heirs to the mysterious throne, and they would have to invent a new Christian version, in order to form a inherited Messiah tradition among many obvious descendants of a higher level of social class.
The reproduction of Messiah\'s image lies not only in family origin, but also in character and leadership.
After passing the strict controls necessary not only to select genes, but also to choose noble nature and leadership, this points the way forward for the European royal family.
Diana is filled with all romantic concepts and her illness, when Betrayal begins to explain the underlying psychological distress caused by the great moments she used to overcome the \"enemy.
There can be no form of cracks in her dreams, Camilla is too real to simply sweep away.
She turned into another terrible \"Rennes\" and too much betrayal.
But later, she was tricked into seeing the other side of sweet revenge, and her continued realization of her dream with priceless heirs.
There are other people who will be happy to join her hate campaign and it\'s not hard to track who they are.
But does Diana know where she\'s going? Is there no doubt that this could be an instinctive motivation to prove that she deserves all the crown?
There must be many strange powers at work, and if Princess Diana does not have the dream of entering the mysterious kingdom, she will never be able to gain her place in her own Avalon.
A very remarkable experience that many people have yet to fully understand is an awesome spiritual revelation, in the end, the Queen herself has tasted the exact moment in her mind that struggles to place the meaning needed for the lonely key and spiritual ascension what will happen where it should be.
All of this may sound esoteric, but there is a lot of monarchy, and we know at least from Macbeth how esoteric it is in people\'s minds.
Anyone with a deep understanding of the Jungian philosophy and the great man\'s \"non-causal synchronicity\" theory will see it immediately and clearly.
Even the Queen, when she reluctantly returned to London to face the world, had to make sure that she had seen and experienced all the horrors correctly.
I am referring to the strange and beautiful things that appear from that incredible creature, the sovereign of Glen.
She stood in front of her with a humble, proud and meaningful look, exuding resilience, sadness and need, which inspired the Queen to recognize the beauty of this moment.
It may have stirred up a new spiritual revelation in a very strong woman who has fallen into a dead end of an erade-
And pointed out the right direction.
This is the essence of these real experiences without language expression.
Realizing that the hunter was approaching at the moment of reverie, she drove it away and tried to save its life but failed.
However, in the moment she breaks the terrible gaze and the message of love she returns, it disappears and puts her in a state of chaotic mental excitement.
She was shocked by the experience.
Especially since hunters pay a great price for the privilege of killing these creatures, it is part of the natural development of large estates like this.
At that time, she knew she could not sit outside in Balmoral, and the world held her breath for her return to London.
She had a pilgrimage before she hit the road.
Visit the Manor slaughterhouse and check the bucks that were brought in to cut their heads.
Her mind has been holding on since this disturbing question happened and she needs answers.
She is concerned that this may be someone she can save to some extent.
Little was known about these things, only to realize that it was almost a divine act, for she must pray in her mind, the one that glorified her with his long unnatural and majestic presence, not the profane body she\'s about to see.
The people present at the meeting revealed the worst, as the headless body hanging on the ceiling killed every hope she had.
The great head and antlers that will one day decorate the banker\'s research show that there are no fatal wounds in the neck, and the incident clearly shows that he was shot badly, it took him a whole day to find and fortunately fall.
When the vision entered her brain, the Queen commented, \"so he was injured . . . . . . . .
\"When the Bucks meet the Queen and stare at her with such a disturbing peace, it is either injured or about to suffer his torment and fate.
No matter which one, who has similar experiences at a time of great pressure, will find similarities in the final moments of Princess Diana\'s life, which is worth thinking about.
When the Queen chose to announce Princess Diana as a gifted child, I wouldn\'t be surprised if she took it all into consideration-the comments were answered in the Cathedral sermon, the sermon talks about power and the miracle of a universal spiritual awakening, which is not common in historical events.
A curious soul-searching activity
This is a mysterious intervention of an incredible substance that carries what happens between a nation and their spiritual leaders.
In essence, it is even more dramatic than the one that apparently drives St.
Teresa of Avila for her revival and greater achievement.
Even if it can do so, the Bucks don\'t need to say a word.
Perhaps it has been injured and has received intense frustration and help from the Queen on all fronts as animals will not rule them out, but, perhaps, these strange powers would like to state, even in times of injury and vulnerability, the innocence of nature becomes the prey of presumptuous ignorance, and illustrates the terrible things, the silent injustice of all this
Princess Diana cried many times because she was worried about the impact the people in the shadows would have on her.
The dangerous position in the legend of the Holy Grail is to unfortunately find another victim, and the ultimate result of cruelty is not just the result of the illusion of self.
Her anger and pain, and her attention to her image, conflict with the image of Theresa\'s mother\'s obedience.
Diana never seems to understand that.
Bringing the world media to a meek and humble place is a delicate job, and maybe it would be better for the Princess to wear the costume of the command, but who can judge?
These exercises have a certain purpose, but they are a little too contrasting in the picture, except that she is immersed in an illusory world, and her ridiculous \"broken life\" forces her to escape to appreciate.
Most people don\'t agree with me, but Diana is destined to overturn her husband\'s long-standing assumption that \"all attention to her is based on his own identity\" to turn it into her own
It was her death that turned it all into a victory that added color to her work, but unfortunately it could have been for the wrong reasons.
Princess Diana does have talent, but many of her doubts are due to her sense of persecution, and her desire to be recognized in her struggle with those who let her obey purely for herself.
Another way.
Diana\'s pursuit of naturotherapy and a healthy life is deeply rooted, and we know that, including her much-hyped Colon cleaning experiments and interesting ways, Prince Charles\'s interest and multicultural evaluation suggest, he fully agrees with this.
This may be the reason why she accepts this offer, because it is a like-minded spirit, so betrayal may be different from the first time.
Most people don\'t see what Diana would complain about if she left her to her own equipment, but apparently she misses him.
Instead, he innocently surprised the Queen after the accident with his gentle comments on the Queen.
The Queen expressed surprise that it may feel that the whole thing is beyond the scope of the analysis and beyond a strange order of things, which may explain the process of what appears to have happened to the alleged perpetrator.
All of Diana\'s friends have been gathered from this idealistic concept, which is why she can\'t stand Prince Andrews\'s wife, after the fact, if only in terms of adventure and flirting with luxury life.
Prince Andrew escaped the danger of extortion and stood up on a stronger front that the simpler Prince Charles could never reach.
No one can really blame him for being with someone who took him on stage to make a fool of himself, even though he did it innocently, with a misplaced sympathy, A clear sign of ridicule from the beginning.
She, as always, does not care at all about any image other than the one she wants herself to be portrayed.
Prince Charles would not understand at all, and perhaps should learn how to laugh with the crowd, as lacking in deception as his father did.
But Diana failed in this regard, and whatever she said in public and did, her stiffness and charm kept her high.
In fact, she sometimes even looks like the elegant Princess Alexandra, and she attracts the crowd in her own way.
Prince Charles was inserted into a very inflexible mold and if he was placed outside of this frame he could not and did not create what was needed.
Some cheeky journalists asked him publicly if he thought he would be forced to give up the throne.
His reaction is strong, and his distorted features show his disgust, and anyone can think that anyone other than himself can say such a decision.
I take the liberty of thinking that he can surprise them at the end of the day, if he finds himself in front of the throne and takes it away as gorgeous as possible from someone who is considered inadequate.
A romantic princess, but let\'s be fair and extend in the direction of a simple Tom boy who is a girl worth the story of sinbada and Jeris, the owners of Cinderella and green excited the children all over the world.
These mysterious creatures give them a very special sense of adventure, desire and commitment to what will be revealed.
Diana saw the Crown and all its magical splendor, representing the awe-inspiring admiration of individuals throughout the country.
She sees that the world she is in seems to have the potential of any imperial/Messiah desire, especially when challenged by adversity or unfair aggression.
Just as many dictators and politicians have grown from failure or rejection (
Like Stalin).
Any feedback overstates the feeling, as Hitler did, leading to an unstoppable cycle of power and reaction.
That\'s what Princess Diana did, and there\'s no line between her and the media\'s dangerous flirtation.
The children\'s News Day is a News Day for her-the rest is irrelevant.
The wife of the Byzantine Emperor began such a mission, which is well known because she often and cannot find the so-called religious beliefs.
At the end of the day, what matters is her mark in history.
Her husbands own mysterious vision is to officially launch the greatest religion-the Christian faith-in the international arena, which will become a religion that absorbs the Roman Empire and becomes a Catholic faith.
It is believed that Joan of Arc is a member of the royal family, and Jesus himself is from the royal family of the hasmodes.
If so, it is much more explained than it is understood on the surface.
At the end of her life, Princess Diana began to wonder that the dream had come true and that she could heal, reduce poverty and prevent war accidents.
She can bring her world to other countries and they will see her under the lights of the missionaries --
But it was dangerous and it was the cause of Caesar\'s death by his own friend.
She also believes that her heirs can rule the mysterious throne through public support, and both Pakistan and Egypt seem to be firmly in mind.
Otherwise, unless she has solved all the problems, why would she ask the Arabs about love instead of finding an answer for herself?
Why is it that the only man she really loves, the heart surgeon in Pakistan, will avoid such an award?
Unless she is in a hurry to continue her crazy desire, why would she reject him as another confusing candidate.
Perhaps Prince Charles will understand the dream of ruling multi-religious countries in his own international way, but the vision of one country may be a nightmare for another.
Popularity may be a gift, but too much can also be a curse, in which case the power triggered by power can throw her aside like a candle in the wind, which is almost
Moreton in the stakes
When writer Morton came to the door of the hotel room directed by insiders, it took me a short time to get him to pack his bags on the road as the gist of what he was trying to do was subtly expressed.
If there is a scene of decay, it is the man who apologizes, who may be prevented from dying on his track, but is afraid to become a passer of bad news that may be misunderstood.
As far as I know, the Palace system and the Royal cordon put them in, for good or bad.
Anyone with a story can hardly be vigilant without being a scapegoat or even a tool for others.
That night, Moreton was sitting in the hotel corridor with whom, who later became his main collaborator, and was in the best state of getting the Princess involved in their plans.
There is no doubt that this proves that Princess Diana and the two men live in the same world --
If she were still alive today, the world was full of childish retaliation and a lack of understanding of the concept of the official government, she would understand it very well.
But she was the Princess of the people twenty years ago.
Michael Mifsud Cania, a Commonwealth parliamentary journalist at the age of 16, published Britain\'s first driver trade magazine.
His startup skills are innovative and create great wealth that enables him to conduct royal tours around the world, meet with family members, and discuss issues with political figures of the time.
He was guided into the only order of the temple, and under the leadership of the present master, the temple could be seriously called Real and guided for years of World operation.
He published a book called andaros.
A series of discoveries about people who are called the last anarchy in Europe.
His radio, television, magazines and network contributions are very extensive and he is currently preparing a book on Templar knowledge and Jesus.
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