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delhi: politicos share stage, itâx80x99s all drama | delhi news - times of india

by:Marslite     2019-09-05
New Delhi: this year, you will be watching APA Alca Ramba\'s \"ashiria\" in ramlera.
In the same match, Manoj Tiwari, chairman of the Delhi People\'s Party, will play Angad.
It is hard to imagine that these political opponents will stand in the same position.
However, they will stand on the same side.
It will be a grand scene.
As the election approaches, politicians are taking the stage to play the role of Ramayana.
So, this Ramlila offers different flavors.
One of the oldest Ramlilas in the walled city, organized by Luv Kush Ramlila in Red Fort Square, has a long list of politicians playing roles.
Ashok Agarwal said: \"Joint Minister of Science, Harsh Vardhan, will play Raja Janak, while Minister of State for Social Justice, Vijay Sampla, will be regarded as chairman of the luv Kush Ramlila Committee, the father of Parvati.
Vijender Gupta, the leader of the opposition in Delhi, will play the sage Sanjay Yadav MLA will Ahiravan Atri in the state of Bihar in vain.
Manoj Tiwari told TOI that he only considered promoting cultural heritage.
I have been in contact with Ramlilas since I first took class seven.
I also commanded many Ramlilas in my village;
After coming to Delhi, I played Angad and Kevat, Tiwari said.
Organizers say smaller characters that require less preparation and rehearsal are usually left to politicians because their busy schedule has to be remembered.
Familiar faces like Raza Murad, Vindu Dara Singh, Rakesh Bedi and Avtar Gill will also appear this time.
India\'s politicians are also talking nonsense in eastern Delhi.
In addition to members from Preet Vihar and Laxmi Nagar, 11 female members will be seen in the Sita marriage scene.
Suresh Bindar, who is in charge of the committee, said that information on family management will be communicated through these scenarios.
For the sake of modern relevance, Lord Rama will be portrayed as a \"paryavaran mitr\" or \"Friend of Nature \".
He will display works promoting the forest, protecting wildlife and rivers in the strange racket.
We are installing LED lighting to save 000 KW of the electricity, Bindal said.
In addition to this, the Indraprastha Ramlila commission will also burn the fourth statue on the Dussehra called \"aaj Ka ravan \".
Bindal said a voting contest will be held between \"balatkari baba\" and \"whatsapp ka atank\" for the fourth statue.
The most ancient of Ramlila â x80 \"Sri Dharmic Leela Committee â x80\" where Dussehra prime minister presided over the celebrate activities will continue to adhere to and traditional.
The committee\'s Ravi Jain said that cultural groups in Moradabad and food vendors in old Delhi will be there.
NSP Pitampura On Broadwaystyled 3-
There will be an hour of Paula\'s musical.
Over the years, the text of Ramayana has undergone numerous remake.
Unlike traditional storytelling forms, we use representative of modern sound and stage technology with over 120 professional actors and dancers performing.
An organizer of the Aryan Heritage Foundation said Udit Narayan, Kailash Kher and Mukesh Khanna made a voice.
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