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decor day offers one-on-one design advice

by:Marslite     2019-09-07
On May 1, when the Decoration Day arrived at Nepean Sportsplex, the fresh rotation of the traditional family performance was officially unveiled.
Activities are characterizedto-
Back to the seminar, one-on-
Design and decoration consultation and one supplier booth each.
Unlike many family performances, this program focuses on a wide range of interactions;
For example, the workshop will include short presentations by professional designers and others, followed by a comprehensive question --and-
The answer to the audience\'s participation.
This event is the idea of Beth Charbonneau, Ottawa edition publisher of our Home magazine, a free quarter showcasing local design and decoration projects, suppliers and services.
Charbonneau\'s background was Publication sales and marketing, not decoration, and she came up with the idea in a home show to equip the magazine\'s booth with staff.
\"People keep coming over and asking me if I\'m a decorator, but I have as many questions as they do.
I\'m dealing with the fitters at the magazine, so I thought maybe we should combine the two.
\"Because the show emphasizes conversations with decorators and others, its goal is not leisure tourists, but\" those who are really interested in home decor, \"she said \".
Decoration Day offers stage presentations from lighting design to design theme
Dirty and maintain the deck.
Hosts include Elizabeth Young, owner of Elizabeth Talk tiv;
Interior design consultant Sifang in decoration study-CPI Team;
Ken McKay and Stephanie Halin from the update furniture company specialize in furniture restoration and other services.
In the Ask a decoration area, visitors can meeton-
One is a member of the Canadian decorative Association, which is responsible for solving the decoration dilemma from paint color to furniture placement.
Charbonneau recommends you bring a photo of the room or area that caused you to grieve, or a sample of the furniture fabric that you would like to match.
If you find an attractive design idea in a magazine, bring it with you.
Vendors at the show will include sliding shelf solutions, manufacturers of custom pull-out shelves for cabinets, tea rooms and furniture, and custom frame business frameworks.
A silent auction will also be held, and the proceeds will be donated to the Greater Ottawa human habitat.
Charbonneau moved from Peterborough to Ottawa in 2011 to get closer to her grandchildren and bought our house a few years later, she said, one of her intentions for the show was, \"Everyone will leave with something\", which is the idea of decorating their home.
Pleased to admit that she herself is no more of an interior designer than most of us, she said that the professionals she lined up for the show \"really have a good eye, know how to bring life to these rooms that ordinary people don\'t have.
\"Having a home that looks good and you\'re proud of will create a feeling of comfort and relaxation on your own four walls,\" she said.
But, she warns, don\'t feel pressured by trying to create a home that looks like a magazine cover.
\"It should be interesting!
On Sunday, May 1, starting at 9 in the morning. m. to 5 p. m.
Nepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodward Avenue. ,Hall A $49 (Free parking)
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